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Festivals are that time of the year when you get all nostalgic as memories from childhood come back rushing to your mind. Memories of you having fun with your friends and family as all of you gathered at one single place and had a blast. Telling stories, playing fun games and savouring delicious food used to be the things we all relished during the festive time.

Now, since we all are stuck with our work and other chores, we wait for these festivals with even more enthusiasm. We all need that dopamine hit that comes from the joyous celebrations with our loved ones to feel a bit more relaxed.


Easter, coming on 5th April, provides you one such chance to re-join your partners-in-crime and recreate those nostalgic moments. 


History of Easter

In early America, the Easter celebration was definitely well known among Catholics than Protestants. For example, the New England Puritans viewed both Easter and Christmas as excessively defiled by non-Christian impacts to be proper to celebrate. Such celebrations likewise would, in general, be openings for substantial drinking and fun. 


The fortunes of the two occasions changed in the nineteenth century when they became events to be gone through with one’s family. This was done somewhat out of a longing to make the festival of these occasions less boisterous. 


Easter eggs had been essential for the Easter celebration at any rate since bygone eras, given the conspicuous imagery of new life. An immense measure of legends encompasses Easter eggs, and in various Eastern European nations, the way toward brightening them is incredibly intricate. A few Eastern European legends depict eggs becoming red (a most loved tone for Easter eggs) regarding the occasions encompassing Jesus’ demise and revival. 

Since Easter brings about massive celebrations, it calls for special Easter gifts. So, make this Easter special by gifting your friends and family members’ something truly unique from the diverse Easter collection of TJC. You are going to find the right gift according to the taste of each specific person from your circle. So, without any delay, let us jump straight into what we have in store for you. 

Easter collection at TJC

A wide variety of products are available in TJC’s store that have the potential to be the best possible gifts you can present to your close ones. If you are stressing too much over the best possible Easter gift ideas, you can take help of our list that has all your answers.

  • Candles and Diffuser: Any loved one of yours who wants the lighting and aroma to be just perfect in his room will be thrilled by receiving a candle and diffuser from our collection.  
  • Chocolate: Chocolate as a gift does not need any introduction. Chocolate is a gift that can bring water to the mouth of people of all age groups. 


  • Mugs: Mugs of all sorts, whether coffee or tea, are present in abundance in our store and if any person is too detailed about this drinking mug then he would appreciate your gift from our collection of mugs massively. 
  • Robe: Every person after a long day at work loves to spend his whole night in a relaxed manner by donning his favourite robe. It’s time for you to replace your wife’s favourite robe by presenting her with a stylish robe from our collection.


  • Wine Opener: Easter calls for celebrations and heavy eating with your loved ones. This dinner would not be completed without adding the taste of wine which in turn calls a safe wine opener into action.


  • Beauty Set: Ladies tend to keep their looks up to date, and if you can provide them something that can help them in their quest of looking adorable 24×7, then their Easter is bound to become special. 
  • Portable Wine Cooler: Easter does not bring you under any necessity of celebrating it at your home; you can travel and cook your meal at your relaxing place. However, since your wine will also be travelling with you, it will need a medium-size wine cooler that can keep it cool and fresh, and that is where our effective wine cooler comes into the picture.


  • Pillow: When your head hits the pillow after a hectic day, the moment brings you one of the most comforting feelings. And if that pillow is as soothing as the pillows from our collection then the sleeper witnesses what heaven feels like.


  • Classic Hat: Summer hats from our collection would turn out to be the best possible gift that you can present to your friends and family as it can protect them from suntan apart from adding nuance to their style sense.


So, these options that we laid out in front of you are the best Easter gifts online, and your closed ones won’t be able to forget this Easter in a rush after receiving them from you.

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