The Pisces paradox

Pisces styleMiss Pisces, dreamy and always thinking. Highly compassionate and always worrying about others feelings – real sensitive beings. A bit whimsical and outlandish at times too, but let’s think of that as a good trait shall we, making them creative, poetry lovers and a little bit of the theatre buff.

Stellar style: She loves all things floaty and takes no major interest in fashion week. She likes to adapt her own style from what she picks up in the latest mags. Our little mermaid is in tune with her inner romantic and that comes out in her soft silky attire, no zips or corsets here.

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes: She loves to shine so she’ll adorn herself in jewellery whenever she can. Frequently going for the unconventional bejeweled piece, the Piscean woman can often be found in anklets, toe rings or even chains cascading from her locks.

Pisces is so easy going when it comes to jewllery, she loves gold, silver and anything glitzy – so not hard to please really. She loves colour too and is often found sporting sea tones (she is a fish after all) – blue earrings, green bangles, her choice is endless, so long as it’s colourful she’ll wear it.

Drew Barrymore

We love Drew Barrymore’s Piscean style. She really knows how to take her look to the max, whether it’s a glitzy red carpet do or running the kids to school. Whatever the occasion she gets the Pisces style down pat.

The celebrity “fish”: Some famous Piscean women include Drew Barrymore, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli, and Joanne Woodward.

Are you in love with Drew’s fabulous style? Any Pisces babies out there?

Love TJC xxx

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  1. I am a Piscean, and can’t agree more with what is written here 😀 … you have me down to a T . I am always covered in – TJC – jewellery, earrings, pendant/necklaces, rings and bracelets every day .

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