The Promise Ring Basics

A promise is your way of saying that the other person matters. A promise is a sign of true commitment. It’s the first step of a serious, long-term relationship; it’s the first utterance of the adoration. And that’s what promise rings are; a sign of your promises and vows! If you’re looking to cement your relationship but it’s too soon for engagement, if you’ve to make promises to keep with your special someone, or if you’ve to make a pact of abstinence, promise rings are for you. Read more to learn about all the Promise ring basics!


History of Promise Rings

Much opposed to what people assume, the promise ring is not a new idea. In fact, these adornments have been noted since a long, long time now. During the ancient Greek and Roman times, these rings were worn by the elite class to represent their betrothed was forever present in the minds. Later, these rings started being called “Posie rings” or “Poesy rings,” during the 16th century. It became quite a popular trend among the young lovers, and the jewellery seemed to take the fashion of being engraved with meaningful words and poems.


Picture credit: The British Museum


Moving on to the even later era, the Georgian and Victorian times also saw some prominent and impressionable promise ring designs, but it was when the idea of gemstones took the attention. Many gemstones found their way on the rings; especially gemstones with meanings.


The trend of slipping on promise rings isn’t new at all. You’ll find it fascinating to note just how much history does this little adornment has. However, there were some people who could not afford an engagement ring, so they slipped on the promise rings as a replacement. The trend of women presenting the promise rings is, although, new. It only began in the 20th century when women started buying and offering promise rings to men.


What could it mean?

There are lots of meanings behind promise ring basics. Even though the word “promise” seems self-explanatory, the rings could stand for anything. If you’re slipping on the ring, it could be because of several reasons. Some of them can be:

  • A promise of ever-lasting love
  • A promise of getting serious in the relationship
  • A promise that relationship is built to last
  • A promise of being faithful
  • A promise of abstinence
  • A promise of eternal friendship
  • A promise to get married soon
  • A promise of an unbreakable and unshakable bond


The noted themes of Promise Rings

Seeing there are many renditions to what a promise ring could mean, there are also a lot of different themes being noted in the promise ring basics we’re lining up. That said, some of the most popular themes that have called the attention over the years are:

  • Intertwined hearts – One of the most popular promise rings design is an image of two hearts lopped up together. It portrays a love shared by two people who’re involved in a long-term romantic commitment. These rings could be moulded out of plain, precious metals, or could additionally be encrusted with gemstones. Find a blinding collection of stones like diamonds, ruby, emerald, et cetera embellished in the jewellery made of gold, platinum, silver, et cetera, at TJC.

    GP Diamond, Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire Heart Ring
  • Eternity designs – Another most-noted feature, when it comes to the design of promise rings, is the lay of an eternity ring. An eternity ring can be characterized by the continuous and endless use of sparkling stones on a round ring. These endless stone represent an eternity of love and respect. Eternity rings are most commonly used as promise rings between the lovers.

    Designer Inspired – Blue Diamond Ring
  • Half designs – Now, this is a design you’ll see on a lot of friendship charms! It is a simple concept devised to show that the friendship is sacred. Each ring has half the design inscribed on it and it completes when these adornments are put together. Of course, the design can be shared between lovers, denoting how they’re each other’s better halves, in the literal sense of the term.

    J Francis – Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver 2 Ring Set
  • Gemstone studded ring – If you’re looking for jewellery that relays the importance of the promise you’ve made as well as flaunts a meaningful gemstone, these rings are designed just for you in sight. There are meanings behind every gemstone and there’s no better way to make a promise of love and adoration than to slip on the jewellery that is riddled with hidden meaning, privy to only the two of you.

    Designer Inspired Heart-cut Simulated Ruby Ring
  • Engraved ring – The trend of getting the promise rings engraved was spotted in older times but has been going as strong as then. Several people love to get their rings inscribed with a heartfelt poem or a brief profession of love.

    Engraved Band Ring

Promise ring etiquette

Even though a promise ring is not equal to an engagement ring, it doesn’t make it any less. It still denotes a very important milestone of your relationship and should only be presented if you’re serious about committing to one another. Upon great consideration, it should be finalised as to what the correct time is. It shouldn’t on the basis of how many years or months you’ve spent together, but instead on how serious you are. One of the prime promise ring basics is to know when you’re confident and assured of where the relationship is going.


There has also been a lot of consideration and speculation on how to wear the promise ring. Well, there’s no particular or precise way to wear it. Which finger it should go on is entirely up to the choice of the individual. However, the promise ring basics say that you ought to wear them on the left hand if you’re unmarried and on the right hand if you’re married.


Another thing up for debate is if there is a special way of presenting the ring. The answer is no. If you wish, you can have a grand display of presenting the ring to your significant partner. But, it isn’t a proposal and you should consider toning the grandeur down. The focus of the gesture is the promise that’s behind it and not the ring, whereas engagement is a time that’s completely for the ring alone! There’s no need to go down on a knee and make lengthy monologues for a promise ring.



In the end, it is the promise that matters. The promise ring basics say that is only important as to how serious and committed you are; everything else fades away. The best idea is to purchase and present a ring that holds a lot of meaning behind the promise. Let it be riddled with stones like sapphire, tanzanite, or even diamond!

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