The right stone for you: Matching your jewellery to your skin tone

There are many things that can affect how your jewellery looks and the effect that it has on an outfit. Things like the colour of your clothes, the shades of your makeup and your hairstyle can all have an impact on the appearance of your jewellery, whether it's good or bad.

However, one of the main things that can affect how your jewellery looks is your skin tone. Just as certain colours of clothing or makeup look good against specific skin tones, so too does jewellery.

Having an understanding of what works with your colouring means you're sure to look fab at all times and get the most out of all of your bling.

So what skin tones work with different gemstones? We've put together a handy guide to help you work your jewellery to full effect.

Skin tone

The first thing you need to do is identify what category your skin tone falls into. The easiest way to do this is to look at an area of your body that has visible veins, such as the wrist.

The colour of your veins will mean your skin tone is either classed as cool or warm. If you have a cool skin tone you will typically have bluish coloured veins and pinkish undertones to their skin. This is the most common type of skin tone.

Those with warm skin tones will have greenish coloured veins alongside yellow undertones to their skin. If you have red, strawberry blonde or orange hair, you will probably have a warm skin tone.

Cool tones

If you have a cool skin tone, you have a broad range of gemstones available to you. Classic and simple gemstones – like diamonds – always look great with cool skin tones and can create a statement or understated style. White embellishments such as pearls also look great as they contrast with the pink undertones of skin, helping them to stand out more.

Cool skin tones also work well with brighter gemstones that feature jewel colours. Any jewellery that contains purples, pinks, reds and blues across its gemstones is sure to look great no matter what the occasion. 

This means that rubies are great if you want to wear a warm colour, while sapphires work well for a cooler shade. Either is always on-trend, so you really can't go wrong with any jewellery that features these stunning stones.

If you have a cool skin tone, you'll also find that you are more suited to pale metals, such as white gold and silver. Not only will these work perfectly with your skin, they also help make a feature of pale stones and let colourful gems really shine.

Warm tones

As warm skin tones tend to lean towards yellow colours, you should choose earthier coloured gemstones to really suit them. Anything with a coral or golden colour works really well to highlight the warmth of your skin, whereas brighter colours – like reds – can create an unflattering contrast.

Peridot jewellery is a lovely choice as its light green colour can have a more golden hue than emerald, which makes it perfect for yellow undertones. It is also a very fresh and natural shade of green so can make a beautiful statement with minimal effort.

For a darker gemstone to wear with warm skin tones, garnet is really lovely as it can have more brownish colouring than ruby, working perfectly with the earthy shade rule. This stone can really vary in colour so is a great choice for creating varied looks without having to try out different gems. 

In terms of metals for your jewellery, warm skin tones go best with golden shades, so yellow gold and copper are right for you.

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