The right stones for your hair colour

Choosing the right gemstone for your hair colour can have a dramatic effect. Ensuring you pick the right shade to work with your colouring will enhance the jewellery and your hair colour easily to create a cohesive look. However, getting it wrong can make a statement for all the wrong reasons.

Whether buying for yourself or someone else, taking hair colour into account will ensure you create the perfect look, complimenting appearance as well as taste.

Here are some of the most popular gemstones and the hair colours they work well with.

Green Stones

When it comes to green stones, whether dark or light, they can create a lovely contrast with red hair. Peridot, diopside and emerald all look gorgeous with any shade of red hair and will stand out perfectly to make a simple statement.

This colour combination works so well because of the contrast between warm and cool tones, creating a complementary look. 

While the old adage may say red and green should never be seen, when it comes to jewellery you can forget this. The stronger contrast you can create with the shade of green you choose, the better the overall effect.

Red Gems

If you have red hair, you should avoid wearing red stones as they can clash easily. However, red stones like rubies and garnets can add a fiery touch to blonde and brunette hair.

Deep red stones can look really sensual with both brunette and blonde hair, creating a really sophisticated look that is perfect for evenings. 

The gems can highlight hints of red in the hair and help to create a warm style, especially when teamed with yellow gold.

Blue Gemstones

If you're looking for a great all rounder, blue stones are definitely the way to go. Gems like sapphire, topaz and tanzanite tend to work will all hair colours to create a gorgeous and effortless look. 

The stones create a fresh appearance while the cool tones don't tend to clash with many other shades, making them the perfect go-to options if you aren't sure what will work.

Lighter blues tend to work best with blonde hair, as the cool tones compliment each other well. However, darker shades can work with absolutely any colouring to create a really rich appearance with plenty of depth.

To keep the appearance of these stones cool and sparkling, team them with metals in silver tones. Whereas a rich but slightly warm look can be created by opting for yellow gold. This works particularly well for brunettes as the warm metal tones will work well with the deeper tones in your hair.

Purple Stones

In a similar way to blue, purple works well with most hair colours making it a great choice for absolutely everyone. 

Some people think it looks best with darker colouring, whereas others appreciate the appearance of purple alongside blonde. However, it really doesn't matter as it is such a versatile shade.

Stones like amethyst can create both cool and warm styles depending on the depth of colour. Because purple still has red elements to the colour, pale and deep stones will look good with any hair colour so you have a greater choice.

Once again, teaming the stones with silver or gold metals means you can also create very different looks depending on your personal taste.  

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