The rise of the little green dress

We all know that the little black dress is a staple of any wardrobe. Your trusted LBD is usually the go-to choice for smart and flattering looks, no matter what the occasion.

While we all love a stylish and chic black dress, there seems to be a new must-have outfit in town. Taking a break away from the staple dark tone, this season’s choice is the little green dress.

Green is a popular choice for winter clothing, with deep shades fitting perfectly with the luxe look, creating an elegant ensemble that is ideal for anything from Christmas Day dinner to your office party.

Opting for green over black creates a softer look that still works with most hair colours and skin tones. It is a modern option that will help to brighten your winter wardrobe while still working with any style.

So how do you pull off a little green dress? You’ll be glad to hear that it is just as simple as wearing your LBD.

Start with the right shade. Ideally, the green you choose should be no lighter than emerald, otherwise it can be a bit bright, making it a bit less chic. Emerald is the perfect starting point, although you can go darker with the colour, as forest greens are just as flattering.

You then need to decide what style you want to wear. Just like black dresses, green styles work with practically any design or fabric. You can go modern with a leather look, classic with a full-circle skirt and cropped sleeves, or super sexy with a fitted bodycon option.

The final touch is your jewellery. Green works with both gold and silver tones, so it is worth deciding if you want your outfit to edge onto the cool side of the colour spectrum or go a bit warmer.

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It is a nice idea to mirror the shade of your jewellery in your makeup to further your chosen effect, which will help to create a cohesive look.

Now you just need to choose your perfect little green dress!

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