The ultimate in-style gifts

If you're thinking about getting ahead with your Christmas shopping or if you have a few birthdays on the way, The Jewellery Channel has some fab gifts that are at a great price but are also on-trend. No matter who you have to buy for this festive season, you're sure to find the perfect present to make them smile.

But exactly what styles should you be looking to buy for the fashion-conscious friend or family member? With so many trends emerging for AW14, it can be difficult to find exactly the right gift.

That's why we've put together this great guide to help you choose the ultimate in-style gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

Statement rings

One of the biggest fashion trends for AW14 is statement rings. With necklines getting higher and earring styles getting smaller, the usual statement jewellery options are being put on the back burner right now. 

This means big and bold rings are a must-have for any budding fashionista, making them the ideal gift. 

When looking for statement rings, you have two main options. The first is to choose a design that stands out from the crowd. This can be geometric shapes, abstract styles, animal-themed pieces or multi-finger rings.

If going for this look, make it big and different so as to stand out no matter what they wear with it.

The second option is to choose something simpler but that has a really eye-catching colour. Blues, reds, purples and greens are perfect for a simpler statement ring as they are the main colours of the season.

Something like this Ceylon Colour Quartz Solitaire Ring will be a winner. While it has a simple style – a platinum overlay band and a large circular stone – the colour of the quartz is so striking that it will be sure to stand out.

Functional fashion

A big part of winter has to be the cold, which everyone wants to avoid. This means there are several options for gifts that can be incredibly welcome as they are both fashionable and functional.

Rather than shelling out on the same hat and glove set that everyone seems to buy, make your cosy gift something special by selecting a stylish scarf. 

Scarves are always a huge part of fashion in the autumn and winter seasons as they can be worn in numerous ways, from knotted around the neck to a shawl for evening outfits. This makes them one of the most versatile presents you can give.

When it comes to styles, match the colour and pattern to the person you are buying the scarf for to ensure it works with their usual wardrobe. You can think outside of the box a little bit, but be sure not to give something they won't feel comfortable wearing.

We love this 100 per cent Silk Paisley Pattern Multi-Colour Scarf as it is incredibly eye-catching, while the fact that it is made completely out of silk offers a bit of luxury for every day.


This is one gift that never goes out of style. If you're buying for someone special this year, why not give them a gift that really lasts? Diamonds are a great way to show you care and can make a birthday or Christmas extra special.

Avoid going too big with your gift as it can make someone uncomfortable when it comes to wearing diamonds out of the house. Instead, get them jewellery that contains high quality diamonds, is beautiful and yet discreet enough that they will be happy to go out wearing it.

Earrings are a great choice when it comes to giving diamonds, as a simple pair can look absolutely stunning for both day and night. Small studs are also very much on-trend right now and are making more of a statement than chandelier earrings.

These White Gold GSI Certified Diamond Studs are simply stunning without being over-the-top. They have a modern design that ensures the diamond really shines, no matter what else they are worn with.

The studs are also the perfect way to show how much someone means to you without giving them a huge rock or expensive ring.

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