The ultimate luxury colour for AW14: Purple

This season is all about luxury, which means your wardrobe needs to include rich fabrics and deep colours.

As well as faux fur coats, velvet dresses and floor-length evening gowns, your jewellery should also be gorgeously luxe. Not only does this mean you need plenty of sparkle, you also need to choose pieces that look rich and gorgeous.

With this in mind, there is one colour that fits perfectly with the luxury trend for AW14 and works across jewellery and clothing: purple.

A shade that is linked to royalty, purple is a must-wear trend for winter and one that can instantly add a bit of luxury to both day and night looks.

To really pull this style off, think deep purple in tones of plum, royal purple and dark violet. These high-impact shades make a statement and draw the eye while also working with the darker colours of winter wardrobes.

When it comes to metals, either silver or gold colours work really well as purple contains both warm and cool tones. This means you can fully customise your look while wearing the same shades of purple.

With this in mind, there are some beautiful options when it comes to purple stones; all of which you can get at a great price from The Jewellery Channel.


Amethyst is a go-to purple stone for stunning jewellery. You can get the stone in a range of shades, from incredibly light to dark and powerful. It works in small or large doses and is a great choice if you want a purple piece that won't break the bank.

Something like this Amethyst and Hebei Peridot Ring in Platinum Overlay is absolutely gorgeous. It works with the statement ring trend, while the purple tone is bang on. 

To really make the stone pop, the large pear-shaped gem is surrounded by pale peridot. The pale green gems help to highlight the purple, making it stand out even more.


This is a more luxury option, which is a great gift for a loved one this festive season. Tanzanite is growing in popularity due to its range of purple shades and the fact that it is such a rare stone.

Typically a cooler choice than amethyst, tanzanite has more blue tones than red, providing a lovely dark violet colour.

To really make a statement with this need-to-own stone, go for a piece that is all about the gem like this absolutely stunning Tanzanite Bracelet in Platinum Overlay.

Statement bracelets are in vogue right now and this option has everything you could possibly want for the luxury trend. Team it with a little black dress to really help it pop.

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