This Season, Black is the New Black!

This autumn and winter we are going to see a lot of black. Black clothes, black make up, black nails, and black accessories and of course my absolute favourite, black jewellery!

Now just because it’s all black doesn’t have to mean return of the “Goth” (of course unless you want it to). But it does mean intrigue, sophistication and classic elegance. I love black jewellery, and it doesn’t have to all be fine jewellery either, I mean the odd black diamond wouldn’t hurt but you don’t have to always spend a fortune to get the desired look. Great stones to look out for are Black Onyx, Hematite, and Black Spinel.

Technically black isn’t actually a colour at all, but rather the lack or absence of colour. Black can be thought of as serious and stern, but also sultry, mysterious and not to mention sexy!

This is how you can do it…

The Jewellery Channel goes back to BLACK!
  1. Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Black Onyx Necklace.
  2. Designer Inspired Enhanced Black Agate, Black Glass Wrap Bracelet.
  3. Black Diamond Drusy Quartz and White Topaz Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver Ring.
  4. Designer Sterling Silver Shell,Black Onyx,Black Rutile Quartz Pendant.
  5. Thai Black Spinel and Sterling Silver Earrings.
  6. Shamballa Friendship Bracelet Black Hematite and Austrian Crystal.


As always, happy shopping!

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