Three Simple Hacks to Look Halloween Ready This October

The time of the year has come to go an extra mile to look spooky and scary. While you might be dropping plans to meet your friends or party previously, you can’t wait to relive the eccentric experience you had last Halloween. With social distancing and masks becoming the new normal, we have been unintentionally celebrating the festival for months. Even when you are going to stay at home or host a small party with only your family and close friends, you still can feel the same excitement and make unforgettable memories by donning the perfect look. Since you aren’t going to a huge party with an uncountable number of people roaming around in ghastly costumes you can look freakish without putting a lot of effort.

For all the women out there who made up their mind to dress like a witch or other creepy character last minute, we have compiled a list of things you will need to ace your halloween look below –

Simply Gorgeous – Buying a horrid-looking custom you can wear only once might not be a good idea. Instead, you can invest in a piece of clothing that makes you look like your favourite witch and can be worn even after Halloween. If you are a Mary Poppins fan topping your long black gown with a plaid woollen scarf will instantly make you Halloween ready. For a more casual look, you can go for a cape on your little black dress.

Using accessories to add Spooky vibes – If you have no plans of buying a new custom, don’t fret! Clever use of accessories can also give your sober attire a Halloween-ready look. How can you do that? Simple, search through your jewellery box for anything that features cat, bats, witches, pumpkin or any of the other iconic symbols related to festival. Don’t have any? We have plenty of ghostly designs in our Halloween collection to help you out! The eerie spider pendant and earrings, dangling bat pendant, witch hat and more, you will find all the classic emblems associated with the Celtic tradition in the wonderful range curated by our experts. Right now the pumpkin earrings are our favourite.

Putting on a Spine-chilling Makeup – Adding the final touches to your look with some exotic makeup will bring you greater attention. Those who are wearing a ghastly mask can skip this step, but if you aren’t here is the thing. You do not have to paint your face in the stubborn cosmetics that stay on your face even after you give it a good cleanse. Coating your face in a few layers of foundation with a bright black hue spread over your eyelids and a spider web sitting around your face will do the trick.

Using these simple hacks, you will be able to shop your entire Halloween look in no time. This year you might not be joined by a crazy crowd dressed-up as different characters(who reminded us of evil and magic). Still, you can delight the people around you by surprising them with your Halloween look. All you need is a cape, some makeup and a bit of bling!

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