Throwing some shapes: How should you be dressing your body type? Part Two

When it comes to changing your look or buying any clothes, one of the main things you need to consider is your body shape. The shape of your body affects how clothes look and how comfortable they are, so identifying what you should be wearing can really help inform your wardrobe.

If you have an hourglass or pear-shaped figure – or think you do – check out part one of this guide here to find out how best to dress your body.

In part two of this guide, we’ll help you figure if your body type can be classed as rectangle or inverted triangle and give some ideas on how best to dress these body shapes.


You might know rectangle body shapes by another name, as they are often referred to as straight up and down or boyish. Essentially, this is a rather athletic-looking body type that features a waist, hips and shoulders that are all roughly the same width.

This body shape means that you won’t have the curves that hourglass or pear-shaped figures do, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t create them. Dressing in the right way can make the best of your natural shape while also creating the illusion of fuller curves.

Most people with a rectangular-shaped body are quite small, which means you don’t need to attempt to minimise any areas. With everything being the same size, you’ll also find that it is easy to keep your look balanced.

The main thing you want to do is break up the straight lines that make up your figure and introduce some softer edges. This will help to make it look like you have more voluptuous curves.

To achieve this, necklines like sweetheart and scoop are ideal as these will emphasise your bust in a flattering way, adding to your curves without going over-the-top. These necklines are really flattering and are ideal for both day and night.

You can also wear belts to cinch you in at the waist to create the idea of an hourglass figure. Thin belts work well, but thicker belts make more of an impact and can help make your waist look really tiny.

As well as the style of your clothing, choosing pieces that include details like peplums, collars, ruching and ruffles can draw the eye to key areas, This will create curves by softening your square shape but won’t make you look bigger or unbalanced.

However, you can also show off how small your figure is by wearing tunic style outfits, pieces that have long torsos and skinny jeans. Simply adding in a feature like your belt or neckline will soften it slightly and make the most of your natural features.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle shape is basically the complete opposite of the pear shape body type. Rather than it being characterised by a larger bottom half, if you have an inverted triangle body shape it means that you’re top heavy.

You’ll find that you have a small waist and narrow hips but broad shoulders, which can make your body look unbalanced. Just as with pear-shaped figures, dressing an inverted triangle body type is all about making everything look more in proportion.

This means you need to emphasise your waist, hips and legs in order to make it appear as though your bottom half is equal to your top. You should also aim to soften your shoulders to try and minimise them.

It is actually easier to do this than you might think. Simply wearing skirts or trousers in bright shades or bold patterns alongside simple tops can draw the eye to your bottom half and make it look slightly larger than it is and in-line with your shoulders. Team this with high-waisted styles and belts, and you’ll be able to create an hourglass figure.

You might think that wearing tighter styles of trousers or skirts will help to create more curves across your waist, but actually they can emphasise how small your lower half is. This means you should steer away from these. You should also avoid tops with slim straps, halter necks or boat necks as these will make your shoulders look even broader.

However, skater-style skirts and wide-legged trousers can help to make your lower half seem equal with your shoulders and so are much better suited to your triangle shape.

If you have an apple or diamond body shape, these will be covered in part three of this guide so keep an eye out on our blog page!

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