Time-altering watch mania!

It’s time to change your time and what’s a better place to do that than with us! Your watch mania will positively bloom when you cast eyes at the diversity we’re here to flaunt! Come and have a read at all that’s trending and being loved at this selection of all bestselling watch catalogue!


Watches are an integral part of the day. Yes, a cell-phone is perhaps as equipped at telling time as watches are, but watches have that inherent need with the ensemble that cannot be fulfilled with the use of your mobile. Watches exude a certain level of confidence and ooze a respectful and collected appeal. It’s much more than an accessory; it is a way of fashionable life. This is, maybe, the reason why watch mania is a noticeable trait of many.


Here, in the post, we’ll talk about the different popular styles and kinds that have been taking the fashion world ahead in all manners that count.


Metal Strap Watches

Metal strap watches have, somehow, always been there. The priceless allure of shining and gleaming metal choices make this kind reverent and loved. We’ve seen a glorious evolution of this particular type of watches, with the styles of dials, the strap design, or enclosure locks changing. As of now, you’ll find the present reigning choice of rose gold being used as the most popular choice of metal. The rose gold watches are something that has made the watch mania resurge with all-new and fresh excitement!

GENOA Automatic Skeleton White Cut Out Pattern Dial with White Austrian Crystal Studded Water Resistant Watch in Silver Tone with Chain Strap


Genuine Gemstone Watches

Another riveting range that makes these time-telling accessories all the more prized and treasured, the authentic Genuine Gemstones Watches have made the world a better and a more sparkling place! With massive bling element laced with effortless class and graceful style, these watches are all you need to get the attention all on yourself! TJC hosts a collection of gemstones that is unrivalled, with the pieces ranging from expensive choices like diamonds to more affordable options like turquoise! What’s better about this range is that it doesn’t only feature ladies’ special watches, but a fine selection for men’s watches, too.

STRADA Japanese Movement White Dial Water Resistant Watch in Silver Tone With Stainless Steel Back and White Howlite Strap 120.000 Ct.


Sports Watches

Every person boasting of a healthy watch mania will definitely have more than one Sports watch in her/his collection. Flaunting simple designs and mostly solid pops of colours, these watches are more need than style. They come equipped with all the winning features like water-resistance, silicone straps for longer life, stop-watch measures, and whatnot. With the promise of a long and comfortable wear and fix, these watches are loved and worn by everyone. You definitely need one of these, if you’re looking for an unmatched versatility component.

STRADA Electronic Movement LED Display Watch with Stainless Steel Back and Red Camouflage Silicone Strap


Designer Watches

And of course, the enigma of a designer piece is unmatched by anything else! To give more merit and credit to that claim, you need to check out these designer watches that we so flaunt. Studded with a fine array of precious gemstones or made out of the use of the highest and purest quality of metal like gold, platinum, silver, etcetera, the designer time-telling pieces essentially define watch mania in all that it is!

STRADA Japanese Movement Gold Tone Bangle Watch with Blue and White Austrian Crystal


Leather Strap Watches

The beauty of leather strap watches hasn’t lost its fame in all the decades it has been popular for, and there’s no chance that they’ll ever lose their appeal in future either. Famed for their posh class and high-quality guarantee, leather strap watches are all that’s luxurious. Every fanatic claiming watch mania knows the true worth of a spectacularly designed leather strap. Owing to their long sustenance and zero wear-and-tear over time, they have been and will remain the popular choice of many across the globe! Add to that the vivid beauty of a detailed and mammoth dial, and you’ll have a timepiece that everyone wants!



GENOA Automatic Skeleton Blue and Golden Dial Water Resistant Watch in Dual Tone with Black Leather Strap

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