Time To Sizzle: Hottest Trends For Summer 2019

And here it is! Summer! Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been waiting for this season for eons now? And why not? All we could manage to do these past few months was…


There is simply no soul in sight who is not tired of the freezing, misty and cloudy darkness that we have all been greeted with on a regular basis. So much so, that we are all basically Olaf from Disney’s Frozen now.


But fret not, ladies and gentlemen. Our saviour – The Summer Goddess – is finally here. Its time for sun-tanning, lemonades, cocktails, beers, beaches, sunglasses, fruits and colours. But in order to put our best selves forward and look the finest, we need to know the hottest trends of this season. So, here’s an assortment of the best fads for Summer 2019 that need a spot in your checklist:



Some of the most preferred colours for this season include shades of yellow (Pantone Lemon Verbana, Pantone Turmeric), blue (Pantone Princess Blue) and peach (Pantone Living Coral). These colours are also ruling the accessory and make-up market.


While wispy shrugs, tank-tops are probably that evergreen summer ensemble we all love, people in the UK might need more layers given how underwhelming the summer heat here is. So, splurge on some bright ponchos and pair them up with tops and tunics to get the best (and comfortable) look for English Summers.


Glosses are back, ladies! Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, Dua Lipa and Rose Byrne amongst many more have revived this trend from the 2000s and we are so happy for that. Glossy eyes, lips with radiant, coral and glowing cheeks are all you need for a chic summer-look. Nail-paints, on the other hand continue to swing between matte and glossy finishes. Opt for the top five colours of this season and you’ll be ready to sizzle. Need more inspiration? We think our blog on top summer make-up trends might be helpful.



Have been hoarding on an array of gorgeous scarves, handbags and other accessories? Bring. Them. Out. That’s the best part of summer season. One can look fancy while protecting themselves from the heat and sun. Booked tickets for a major event like the Wimbledon Tennis Championship (oh lucky you!)? Then what other event would be better than this to don beautiful, floral scarves with a pair of classic, retro style sunglasses? Also, a chic hat would be not just the best accessory but also an effective sun-protector when heading out.


Although a handbag is something that women need (and love) to carry regardless of the weather or season, summer is a time where one can experiment with what their bag looks like to their heart’s content. Printed and bohemian looking bags re a he hit currently. Seen on prestigious runways all around the world, these easily blend with the “high-on-colour” vibe of the season.


And you thought we wouldn’t talk about these? Given the abundance of dresses, capris and shorts; your footwear is more likely to catch attention. While bright colours are an obvious choice, what we’d like to try is adorable flip-flops with summer-inspired patterns like fruits, flowers and more for our beach trips.



Get your camping and picnic gear ready, everyone! Trekking-trips, weekend getaways, picnics and beach trips are certain to be planned this season.  So, don’t forget to get your hands on the best comforters, portable loungers, lights and other summer-travelling essentials. And since you will be spending more time in your garden and hosting more barbeques, a range of garden-decorations would be the best purchases.

So, get ready to soak up the sun (well, whenever it manages to show up) and rejoice in the warmth with these fashionable items that are sure to make you the centre of attention wherever you go.

While you are here, check out our exclusive Summer Collection and find the most versatile, useful and of course, stylish summer essentials at attractive, affordable prices.

Happy summer to you!


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