Tips to Choose from The Different Gold Tones

There’s absolutely nothing like the beauty of pure gold. One of the most prized metal choices among the rest, gold is the bling everyone wants! The traditional route of yellow gold, pristine approach of white gold, or irresistible tinge of rose gold, there are lots of gold tones to choose from! The quandary begins on the ideal pick.


You often find yourself asking – which among the three gold tones will be the best for you? All the three colours have a different and particular sense of appeal. The questions in – which is the one for you? Well, worry no more. We’re here to help you with the stones that match well with the gold tones. Not just that, but we’ll also tell you which colour to pick, according to your skin complexion.


The Different Gold Tones

Let’s start with the different colours and varieties of gold tones. Among the others, the more popular ones are white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. While yellow gold is the traditional and most common hue, rose gold jewellery is something that recently appeared in the markets, while white gold is the one that looks just like platinum. Now, to bring more attention to the stones embedded in your jewellery, it is important to know which tone of gold is the best-suiting option. Here’s your one-stop guide!


Yellow Gold Jewellery

Yellow Gold Jewellery at TJC
9K Yellow Gold AAA Imperial Topaz, Natural Cambodian Zircon Stud Earrings
Royal Bali Collection 9K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Heart Hook Earrings
1 Carat Diamond Hoop Earrings in 9K Yellow Gold

This enticing traditional colour of yellow gold jewellery is arguably the most famous among all. It has a rich and stately hue that blends perfectly with almost all shades of gems. This popular metal, however, lets you cheat on the colours of clear stones. Seeing that the gemstones absorb and reflect the base of the metal, you can choose for stones that have a tinge of yellow or are white, like diamonds, topaz, citrine. Other options are solid-hued stones, like ruby, emerald, tanzanite, and more, as these do not let the base colour show. However, keep in mind that white diamonds will not look quite as white with the base of yellow gold.

And as per the skin tone recommendation, people with an olive tone or yellow-ish complexion must definitely try out yellow gold jewellery as it matches beautifully and makes your skin glow!


White Gold Jewellery

White gold jewellery at TJC
J Francis 9K White Gold Ring
Santa Maria Aquamarine and Natural Cambodian Zircon Halo Ring in 9K White Gold
Russian Diopside and Boi Ploi Black Spinel Ring

White gold is for the lovers of platinum! The rich, pristine, and versatile shade is actually artificially made. White gold is the alloy of yellow gold, when it is mixed with other metals, such as silver, palladium, nickel, or others. Usually, there is a top coat of rhodium to finish it off. Now, the thing about white gold jewellery is that it enhances the colour of the gems used. So, if you want your white diamond or any coloured stone to flaunt the intensity of hue and clarity, then this is the best choice for you. But, on the flip side, if you’re setting a cluster-design of stones, you cannot flaunt the size as it blends with the base. This “deco” shade of jewellery makes the white gems like Swarovski zirconia look even whiter and really brings out the other coloured gems.

If you’re trying out different engagement rings, you must look at the collection of white gold as it looks brilliant with any skin tone, from tanned to natural. You can, however, play with the colour of gems and perhaps choose one that suits the shade of your eyes!


Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose gold jewellery at TJC
1 Carat Natural Pink Diamond Tear Drop Pendant in 18K Rose Gold
9K Rose Gold AAA Marropino Morganite, Diamond Pendant
9K Rose Gold AAA Marropino Morganite, Natural Cambodian Zircon Drop Pendant

Even though this hue of gold is a comparatively newer addition to the family, it still gives off the vintage vibe. Rose gold is actually the artificial composition, where they mix yellow gold with copper for that pink tinge. There are actually several different shades of rose gold itself, which vary according to the ratio of gold to copper. It gained its popularity in Russia, where it was initially called Russian gold. This among the gold tones is the best pick if you want to emphasise on the design of your jewellery. In fact, you can pair any colour of stone with it, but shades of light pink or peach look beautiful.

People with a tanned skin tone must try out rose gold jewellery. It blends perfectly with the pink undertones of your complexion and really complements them. The people with a slightly darker skin can also wear it, as it softens the jewellery’s sparkle and makes it a subtle fixture.

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