‘Tis the season to be trend: Deep coloured gems

Every year as the weather turns chilly, we always see a return of warm ox blood shades back into our everyday wardrobe, and this is somewhat the same with our jewellery – we always end up going back to the same gems and styles of jewellery pieces.

However, if you want to switch things up and update your style from being themed around rare Tanzanite treasures and diamonds that can actually be worn all year round, opt for deep hued opaque cabochons this season, which can be paired with your warm knits and jeans, yet also dressed up for celebratory occasions.

You may have read about gems you can rock during AW/15, yet this season the fashion pack are loving deep coloured gems, so here are some of TJC’s top picks of more colourful gems you can rock while adding that little bit of extra oomph to your winter ensembles…

Give Emeralds a break and go for Malachite this season. This beautiful gem is very textured and great for lending your look an array of green hues in one stone as a result of its natural marble effect.

Table Mountain Shadowkite is a beautiful and rare gemstone desired for its stunning colour combination of baby blue, royal blue, light emerald green and pine green. Its four way colour combination is very hard to find, which makes this natural gem even more desirable. Take this gem and pair it with relaxed looks to easily lift and make more glamorous.

Lapis Lazuli
A naturally bright blue metamorphic rock, this stone is one to replace Tanzanite. Its deep colour is truly something to adore and will work superbly against our seasonal favourite mustard and ox blood hues.

Red Jayde
It is thought that Red Jayde is a chai stone helping a person bring forward the energy of a warrior. Believed to hold many magical attributes this stone is one to be coveted throughout the colder months because of its bright red hue with hint on brown.

Bumble Bee Jasper
This stone is such a unique one, that no two pieces of bumble bee jasper looks the same, as each piece of jewellery all hold different patterns and colour variations. Saying this, the stone holds orange/ yellow attributes which is great for breathing life into your winter ensembles and bringing aspects of warm colour to a traditionally frosty season.

Black Spinel
You can’t go wrong with black which is why Black Spinel is a TJC favourite this season. This stone holds a magical understated beauty which is why it’s perfect for pairing with your everyday looks – gently adding superb sparkle.

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