T’is the season: Festive jewels for Christmas

With just under one month until Christmas Day, there’s no denying that the festive season is in full swing. While it’s not quite time to hang our stockings up just yet, that’s not to say you can’t embrace the spirit of Christmas by prepping your party ensemble.

Deciding what to wear on the special day is all part of the fun, and although it can be tricky, you will no doubt realise its worth when you look and feel like a million bucks on Christmas Day. You want to wear something that you’ll feel comfortable and stylish in after eating all those mince pies, after all!

Whether you normally accessorise your outfits or not, there’s no question about doing so this season. When it comes to adding a touch of sparkle and shine to your look, the answer is always yes. After all, if you can’t wear jewels on Christmas Day, when can you?

Here are some festive jewellery ideas for you to be inspired by:

Stand out in red

If there’s ever a colour we associate with Christmas, it’s got to be red. This stand-out hue will no doubt brighten up any ensemble and will look even more striking when paired against a plain, dark backdrop like black.

So if you’re planning to flaunt an LBD this season, team it with some sparkling rubies. Here at TJC, we have a stunning range of jewellery that’s encrusted with gorgeous ruby jewels. Our African Ruby and White Topaz Bracelet is the perfect piece of arm candy and will certainly give Dorothy’s slippers a run for their money!

Brighten in blue

Typically associated with royalty and luxuriousness, blue is the hue you should be accessorising with this Christmas.

Midnight or royal blues boast deeper tones of this beautiful shade, which are more fitting with the winter season and versatile in that they complement all skin tones and hair colours.

If you don’t often wear blue clothing or accessories, it’s never too late to start and the Christmas season is the perfect time to do so. For those who want to avoid the risk of looking too over the top, keep it simple and elegant with this White Gold Blue Sapphire Ring.

The deep hue of the sapphire crystal is truly beautiful and will no doubt catch the eye of your companions for all the right reasons.

Go for green

Another colour that’s on-trend for autumn/winter this year is green. Perhaps a slightly less common choice when it comes to deciding on a shade for your party outfit – but a fantastic one all the same – brightening your festive ensemble with some emerald green jewels is most definitely the way to go.

We can’t get enough of these Emerald Green Hoop Earrings, which are sure to make you sparkle from top to toe. The individual emerald crystals encased around the stunning silver hoop are a cut above the rest and are best worn with a chic up-do for an ultra glamorous effect.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We have plenty more pieces of jewellery and accessories to make your Christmas party ensemble complete. Check it out here.

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