TJC Choice: Caroline Lyndsay’s top 5 picks!

Want to know more about TJC’S sister channel TJC Choice?

Well, there’s no one better to talk to than one of our fabulous presenters, so that’s what we did!

This week we caught up with Caroline Lyndsay and talked everything TJC Choice…

Keep reading to see Caroline’s top five picks and why you should be tuning into TJC Choice every day

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Tell us why you love TJC Choice?

I am enjoying the chance to bring my passion for high end jewellery with my years of experience working with exquisite gemstones. Then I have the pleasure of introducing these special pieces with the Choice audience, which is always great!

Would you recommend TJC’s new channel to a friend?

I have already!  On many occasions I have recommended both channels to friends. Now that Choice is specialising in gold and high end pieces I am directing my friends to watch live or look at the “missed it” auctions when I know that they are looking for more collectable pieces. This could be for their own personal collections, which more often than not it is, or as a one off special gift.

I have no worries that they will receive value for money and indisputable quality, sometimes on pieces they would struggle to find elsewhere.

What are your favourite picks available on TJC Choice?

It does vary from one week to another with stock always coming in, but the following classics are currently up there at the top!  Perhaps I will pop back when our all new collection of high end pieces come in….

Tahitian Pearl Ring 
These pearls are amongst the most beautiful pearls in the world, and this ring is a great eye catching piece.

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
The graded Tanzanite is in my favourite cut, marquise. And then flanked by baguette cut diamonds. An affordable option but still set in gold!

Iliana Pearl Necklace
Every lady should own one ! One of the most classic pieces and the ultimate compliment to bestow upon a woman.

Diamond Ring
The joy of owning 1 carat of diamonds in a ring without breaking the bank! Once again a classic that a woman can buy herself without feeling guilty.

Garibaldi Chain
Opulent, classic and elegant. A very aspirational piece that will set your jewellery collection apart and be worn for decades.

Why should customers tune into your shows?

I endeavour to bring you the best of high end jewellery deals. Sometimes they will be last of stock, one of a kinds and often drastically reduced.

I am also always contactable whilst on air via our text line number or email. If you are looking for something specific let my producer and I know and if we have it available we will bring it to air – a real personal service. You can catch me on air presenting from Monday to Thursday, 2pm-6pm.

What can people at home look forward to seeing in future shows?

We are always expecting brand new, high end pieces, which I am very excited about. Even though I may only have them in my clutches briefly, I enjoy passing them on to you! Plus, we are also preparing for exciting new content to bring you, so keep watching to ensure you dont miss out.

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  1. Hi Caroline. Looking forward to the new channel. When we first bought a TV with Freeview – you were the first person I saw on a shopping channel! So like a fledgling hatching from a shell, I “bonded” (!) with you!! You are always smiling and cheer me up whenever I have the chance to watch you. Good luck. K a t i n a (not Katrina) Northampton

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