TJC gets a new Managing Director! Welcome Srikant Jha!

It’s such a fantastic time for us at TJC! Our family now welcomes a new member, Srikant Jha. Joining us from our sister company – ShopLC based in USA – Srikant has 12 years of skilled experience in the field. With bold ambition and strive to make his mark on the world, he’s ready and on-board.


A rather busy man at the moment, Srikant had a few words he’d like to address. We had the most wonderful conversation with him, come read what he has to say.


1. You’ve travelled the world to be with us. Tell us a little about a jewellery piece that you’ve seen everywhere and is universally loved?

In my 12 years of experience in this industry, I’ve never seen anything like the love for tanzanite. My own first purchase in this company was tanzanite, which was for my mother. It makes me incredibly sad that the mines of the stone have shut down and we won’t get any more of it. But that’s just one great reason why you ought to shop for tanzanite jewellery now!


2. You’ve come here just in time for festivities! Is there any special trick you have up your sleeve that we should be keeping an eye out for?

This time of the year is truly my favourite, spanning from October through November. With fun and excitement in the air, some great times are coming up at TJC. We’ve planned the massive Shungite Jewellery Show in October, along with the biggest Fashion Day! You’ll get to see some great pieces straight from the New York Collection, so be prepared for the magic.
In November, we begin the month with the biggest tanzanite show you’ll ever watch, and we mean what we’re saying. It’s going to be grand and it’s going to hit records. We’ll be wrapping up the month with our legendary Black Friday Sale, which is going to be insanely good, and you have my word on it.


3. We’re eager to know about all things you have planned for TJC, now that you hold the reigns. Any big change we should be expecting?

The thing I love the most about TJC Team is how well we all work together, how fluidly we get things done. I’m here with a just a few great ideas that’ll make us even better in service of you. That said, I do have some great plans in store, you’ll just have to keep your eyes out for it.


Srikant is coming to your screen, live, at Super Auctions on Friday. He has something extra special in store for his debut, so don’t miss it for the world. Tune in to TJC TV on Friday, for sure.

2 thoughts on “TJC gets a new Managing Director! Welcome Srikant Jha!

  1. WELCOME Srikant we hope you will enjoy your stay with TJC in uk as much as Amit did and more as he became much loved by staff and customers. TJC has become a way of life for everybody concerned sometimes up all night watching live tv to get our bargains and get our fill of 24 hour of continuous tv. We personally have a houseful of TJC bargains and hope to get more in the future. GOOD LUCK IN ALL YOU DO IN THE FUTURE From Poppy w green

  2. Hi I am writing to complain about the level of service your customer service is giving the point being it is not giving a service what so ever .
    I would like to know why customers are on a phone for over 30 minutes and still no one answer.
    I do not know if you fully understand that without good customer service you will end up with no customers.
    I would like a reply to why you are advertising next day delivery TJC plus when it is false advertising because you do not get your items the next day .
    I have been a loyal customer for several years and spend a lot of money with yous annually but I have come to the conclusion yous do not care about your customers.
    Well I will tell you one thing in the current situation where people are losing there jobs I think yous should be more attentive to the customers you already have.
    I am really annoyed at the non service I have been receiving .

    Yours Sincerely
    J Nelson

    Wait your reply
    Thanks in advance

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