TJC Picks: Henri Matisse – The Cut-Outs

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World-renowned giant of modern art, the late Henri Matisse, has been the star of the show at London’s Tate Modern since April.

The 5 month long exhibition, The Cut-Outs, is finally drawing to a close this Sunday, 7th September. If you haven’t all ready popped down to explore this wonderful exhibition, now’s the time to do so!

This landmark show acts as an exploration of the artists late career. in which he began ‘carving into colour’, thus giving life to this spectacular set of cut-outs.

From dancers to circus scenes, you’ll find a dazzling array of an entire 120 works created between 1936 and 1954. This exhibition marks both a beautiful and historical moment and is simultaneously bold and exhilarating.

Seeing as we like to live life in colour here at TJC, we couldn’t recommend it more. Ends Sunday, so don’t miss out!

We enjoyed this glorious exhibition so much in fact that it inspired us to put together our favourite colourful Iliana picks! Be sure to take a look and add a little colour-tastic inspiration to your own wardrobe!

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