TJC Presenters On Their Favourite Gemstone & Personal Style

While you are up here and dancing to the sparkle of everything glitterati at TJC, we thought why not unfold you to something you have been asking for.

You have adored them, you have heard them and the best part you have trusted them all these years. Why not go behind the camera and know a little more? Yes, we are talking about the team of TJC presenters who have been filling your life with an utmost gleam.

So, we’ve asked some of our TJC presenters about their gemstone favourites and personal style, and the ANSWERS – we were not even guessing.

Come with us as we decode it here:

1. Chloe Marshall

Chloe Marshall's favourite gemstone

Personal Style

I try to be is pretty classic maybe with a little funky twist now and again to try and make me feel young!!

Favourite gemstone

Well, no points for guessing! But in true fairness to my birthstone, it has to be emerald. Having done the very first all Emerald hour on TJC years ago, I fit in to say that. The glistening shine of emerald and the colour it exhibits with a ray of light is everything to love it to the zenith. If not for emeralds, any day it will be diamonds.

2. Amy Vertannes

Amy Vertannes's favourite gemstone

Favourite Gemstone

A woman’s best friend – Diamond has to be my absolute favourite. The impeccable beauty and all the glisten that accompanies is irresistible to not love this marvel. Favourite coloured gemstone ideally would be a Colombian Emerald as the illumination and sparkle so generated give them an awe-struck appeal.

3. Andrea McClean

Peridot gemstone

Personal Style

Sexy, sassy but comfy too.

Favourite Gemstone

Peridot for its radiant green hue that is enough to mesmerise from the very first glance. Unlike other gemstones, it does not change colour in artificial light and caters a rich history dating back to early 2nd millennium B.C.

4. Caroline Lyndsay

Amethyst gemstone

Personal Style

Classic, stylish and sometimes elegant.

Favourite Gemstone

Purple is my colour and the gemstone that illustrates the bewitching purple beauty is Amethyst that comes to be my favourite. The affordability of this gemstone is a real bargain for something exceptionally exquisite.

5. Lindsey Gundersen

Diamonds for Lindsey Gundersen

Personal Style

Glamour, sparkle & chic! I love stylish chic fashion, and adding glamour with sparkling statement jewellery pieces.

Favourite Gemstone

For a jewellery presenter, it has to be many and certainly a grinding question to answer. But for one, it has to be a diamond. On its own league – timeless, classic and pure, nothing beats the scintillation, fire, and brilliance of diamonds. Having studied an entire module from GIA on diamonds, no points for guessing it was the first gemstone I ever bought.

Here you go! Hope you have wishlisted your favourite styles from TJC, if not? These beauties will help in seeking inspiration.

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