TJC Welcomes Leighton Denny

The very well-known renowned name in the beauty line, Leighton Denny is coming to you through TJC on the 8th and 9th of June! Leighton Denny is not a name one can forget and has been bestowed upon the title MBE by the Queen herself in acknowledgment and appreciation of his knowledge in the world of fragrances and nails. He is one who has worked hard to have become a celebrity in today’s times and has been a fashion staple name. His expertise has beautified celebrities and actors like Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss and Adele. He has won over 60 awards for his expertise in the field of beauty and has never failed to charm one and all!

Started in 2005, on the 16th Anniversary of his brand, Leighton Denny is here to bring to you 16 must-have collection of Leighton Denny’s for the perfect tips and toes and as well as leave a lasting impression with his signature fragrances at TJC! Ladies, we are sure you are as excited as we are and we can’t wait to bring to you two exciting days filled with the launch of Leighton Denny’s product line. The countdown has long begun and we are bringing to you the best of the best by Leighton Denny!

Leighton Denny

His association with different causes to serve the society are one of the finest reasons why Leighton Denny is a people’s person! From Dyslexia to breast cancer all the issues are what concern him and fuel his energy to serve people with his work, knowledge and cause.

Nail Care for your Tips & Toes: Bringing to you colours from a rainbow, Leighton Denny’s nail colours are a must have to add a vibrant touch to your look. Perfect manicure and pedicured nails from the comfort of your home is now possible with Leighton Denny’s Heroes Kits. Easy to use nail files, with step by step application to achieve those glossy and shinning nails is every woman’s desire and with Leighton Denny’s knowledge and creation you can now lay your hands on the best of products on TJC.

Fragrances for an Unforgettable Impression: Formulated and designed to give you company all day long, Leighton Denny named his fragrances Light & Dark. They have lingering effect on your skin and keep you feeling fragrant all day long from dawn to dusk. Just a few spritzes and you are good to go with his bestsellers being Desire, Lively and of course his signature original fragrance.

This is definitely your golden chance to grab award-winning and best of the best from Leighton Denny’s collection. With so much excitement bubbling up, are you ready to join us on the 8th and 9th of June? Well, we surely are ready and awaiting to wipe the stock shelves off clean!

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