TJC’s guide to a great girls’ night out

Sometimes all you need is a good night out with friends to reduce stress and forget all the worries that can get to you during any normal week. A girls' night out can be the perfect remedy while also being tonnes of fun.

However, if you don't put a little bit of planning into your evening, you can end up not having as much fun as you wanted or even getting fed up part way through the night. With The Jewellery Channel's guide to a great girls' night out, you'll be sure to enjoy yourself and want to make it a regular event.

Decide together

There's usually one person in any group of friends that seems to make a lot of the decisions. This can mean you end up going somewhere you don't really like or plans are arranged for a day that isn't great for everyone.

Simply getting together to make some quick arrangements, such as what evening you're going out, what time you're going to meet and where you're going to go, can help you enjoy yourselves much more on the night and avoid any arguments concerning what you're going to do.

This also means you all get a say so the plans will be more suited to everyone. Let's not forget that this is also the perfect opportunity for a coffee and a good chat.


You definitely want to decide exactly how dressed up everyone should be, after all, there's nothing worse than wearing casual clothes only to turn up and see that all your friends look like full-on glamazons.

Where you are going has a lot of impact on what sort of outfits you'll all wear, after all you wouldn't necessarily want to look ready for the club when you're just having a meal out or going to the cinema.

Talk to your friends about what they're wearing, maybe even head to the shops with them to find the perfect outfit. This gives you an excuse to have a girl's day out too and can help you get advice on your wardrobe.

Get ready together

Who said you have to get ready on your own and then meet everyone? Part of the fun of a night out is getting ready together with some good music and a glass of wine. 

Not only is this a more entertaining way to get ready for a night out than doing so on your own, it also gets you in the right mood for the evening and you can save money by sharing a taxi.

You will also know everyone is going to be on time as you'll all be arriving together, helping to avoid any stress and allowing you to just get on and have fun.

Don't overspend

It is all well and good enjoying yourself while you're out, but if it leaves you unable to cover your bills for the rest of the month, it is likely to result in more stress. This is why it is a good idea to set yourself a spending limit on the night.

Think about what you can get away with spending on the evening, taking into account where you are going and the cost of transport. You should then take this cash out and leave your card at home to avoid the temptation to spend more later on.

Put any travel money in a separate area of your bag and store away some emergency cash just in case. This way you know you have enough money to enjoy yourself, get home and deal with everything else you have to pay for throughout the rest of the month.

Charge your phone

Beyond wanting to take photos with your friends, there is nothing more annoying than getting separated from your friends and not being able to get hold of them because your phone battery has died. It is also an important aspect of staying safe when out at night so make sure you have fully charged your phone before going out.

To make the battery power last longer, turn off your mobile internet and put the phone into power saving mode. This will ensure it lasts all night and you aren't left on your own.      

Look out for each other 

If you're going to go home individually, make sure you let your friends know before just disappearing. This stops people worrying or spending time that could be used to have fun looking for someone who has already gotten in taxi.

If you're planning on sharing a cab with a friend at the end of the night, don't go off without them. This helps you all stay safe and avoids your night getting ruined at the very end.

Have fun!

This is the most important thing to remember. Just let go and enjoy yourself. If you aren't in the mood or aren't enjoying yourself, you can always leave early, but otherwise just have fun with your girls. 

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