TJC’s style forecast: What’s going to be hot in 2015?

As we get set to say goodbye to 2014, we can start looking forward to the many great things that are sure to come in 2015. Some of the most exciting changes (to us at TJC, at least) are happening in the fashion world, with the winter season giving way to new styles for SS15.

If you, like us, want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion, you'll want to know where your wardrobe should be going as we welcome the new year. Here are some of the top looks for SS15 that we think everyone should start wearing now.

That 70's show

The 1920s and 1950s were the main inspiration for vintage chic and feminine silhouettes in 2014, and while these will remain popular; there is a new decade in town.

Fashion is taking its cues from the 1970s as flared trousers, high necklines, Peter Pan collars, patterned knits and shirt dresses all make a massive comeback.

Rather than rocking fully vintage styles, these aspects are getting a revamp for 2015 and are being mixed with more modern elements to create something completely new.

A little off the side

One look that we think is going to be great is 2015's take on asymmetrical designs. This style was big in 2013, but it was done with a lot of straight edges.

Rather than take a step backwards, this year is all about more unusual asymmetry. Layered fabrics, subtle hemlines and off-the-shoulder styles are all part of this trend for SS15, creating a softer look that is great for day and night.  


A great element to add into any outfit, texture is making a splash in a big way in the new season. Interesting techniques and combinations, such as perforation, lace, crinkled fabrics and embossing, are being used to create three-dimensional ensembles with plenty of interest.

These styles are being used in small doses, such as on linings, edging and accessories, as well as across full outfits. This means you can mix up and layer your textures however you want to create a statement look without needing to go big.

Bold is beautiful

Say goodbye to the pastel shades of 2014 and hello to the bright blues, greens, reds and yellows off the new year. Strong colours were all over the catwalk shows for SS15 and are must-wears for the season.

You can wear these throughout your look for a really statement style, or keep things chic by teaming a slice of strong colour with stark white to really make it pop. 

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