TJC’s Top July Bestsellers

The month of July was all ravishing red, and why it wouldn’t be? After all, the fierce magic of Ruby jewellery raised on everyone’s head. Of course, the birthstone! But that’s not all that July brought. There was the blazing richness of multiple hues, minimalist to bold designs, intricate artwork, and a lot more that enchanted the customers in the best possible way.

So, here’s an overview (an up close and personal) of July bestsellers to give you a taste of what reigned everyone’s mind. And possibly, this can even trigger your shopping hormones. Who knows?

1. Burmese Ruby Cluster Ring

betseller ruby ringBuy here 

Well, this baby was a sure-shot winner! Ruby has to make it to the bestseller, and this stunner has done it for the Ruby clan. Gilded gorgeously in a delectable cluster of Burmese ruby, this Pigeon blood-hued Burmese ruby ring can instantly pop the eyes. The brilliant cut of Rubies makes this sparkling beauty nothing but a regal glory. No wonder, it exceeded the charts!

Lured with the untarnished finish and make of this gorgeous bauble? Well, you can make it yours.

2. Blue Sapphire Lever Back Earrings

bestseller sapphire earringsBuy here 

Resist, if you can. The mystic beauty of these rare sized Kanchanaburi blue sapphire earrings depicts elegance at par. With a blue and white heart-winning combo, this zircon and sapphire earrings made out in silver has to be in your cart and so is in our July bestsellers list. At a thrifty price value, all you can do is stop dreaming, and grab this bestseller.

3. Australian Boulder Opal Ring

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Another winner form July is this blue Australian Boulder opal ring based on a halo concept. Crafted with one of the most valuable Aussie stone, Boulder Opal can be a treasured jewel among your rendition. Up the glory, if you haven’t yet. Pick this stunner before you miss it, forever.

4. African Ruby Solitaire Stud Earrings

July bestsellers Buy here

As we said, July was all about bold and beautiful Ruby choices. And here is another win for some Ruby rendezvous. This gracious pair of trillion cut ruby stud earrings boasts of panache and instant regal essence. Much demanded trillion cut at this unbelievable price, who wouldn’t want to own this?

5. 9K Yellow Gold Ball Stud Earrings

July bestsellers Buy here

Seize the golden opportunity. Well, that’s that! Beaming with the 9K yellow gold finish, these stud earrings are highly covetable. Of course, a bestseller – these stud earrings are yearned to possess by almost every woman. Superbly subtle in design yet curating a dazzle for your stylish pursuits. Own this beauty to complement your almost every look.

6. Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Bangle

July bestsellers Buy here

How can we miss on some blingy bangle? And this beauty made an entry into our bestseller list like a knife through butter. Just look at the shine of this diamond cut bangle in sterling silver grasping plenty of appreciative glances for both – value for money and design to dazzle. On a side note, this has to be in your carts as your July pick if you aim for an instant boost to your mundane look.

That’s what July bestsellers did to us, and definitely to you TOO!

Go shop, now!


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