TJC’s ultimate guide to Amsterdam

This Christmas The Jewellery Channel is giving you an amazing opportunity to win your jewellery wishlist and a trip to Amsterdam. 

All you need to do is create your very own TJC wishlist and share it on social media and you could be jetting off to one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe while sparkling in brand new jewellery. You can find out more about our fab contest here.

Once you have created your wishlist you can start thinking about what you would get up to in the gorgeous city of Amsterdam. Here are some of the places you have to go and things you need to do once your plane touches down.

The markets

Amsterdam is home to the famous flower market – or Bloemenmarkt – which you can find along the Singel. Here you'll find a stunning array of brightly coloured flowers, including the tulips that Amsterdam is famous for.

If you prefer to get a taste of the food Amsterdam has to offer, you can visit the Noordermarkt farmer's market, which will likely leave you fit to burst just from the delicious samples on offer. You can also head to Reypenaer tasting room and try a huge variety of cheeses.

Amsterdam is also home to some great vintage markets where you can find stunning fashion finds at great prices.


For those who love a bit of culture and history, Amsterdam has a great number of hotels that need to be seen. You can find out more about the city you are visiting at the Amsterdam Museum, where you'll find over 800 years of history.

You might also like to spend some time at the Joods Historisch Museum in the old Jewish quarter of the city. The museum is housed in four former synagogues, and features paintings, photos and artefacts that showcase the history of the religion in the Netherlands.

If you visit the second museum, you may also like to head over to the Anne Frank Museum, which is in the house where Anne Frank and her family hid for two years during the Second World War. There are a number of interesting and thought-provoking exhibitions that shouldn't be missed.


As well as some of the extraordinary street art on display in the city and its colourful streets, Amsterdam is also home to some fantastic art. If this is what you'd love to see, you can't miss the Rijksmuseum, which houses one of the best collections of Old Master paintings in the world. 

You can also head over to the Stedelijk Museum – the building that sort of looks like a bathtub – to check out a great collection of 20th and 21st-century art. Here you will be able to view pre-war art created by Picasso, Matisse and Cezanne; among others.

Of course you can't miss out on the Van Gogh Museum, which has around 200 paintings and 500 drawings created by the artist.


If you're in Amsterdam, you can't escape the sheer quantity or amazing quality of the street food on offer. You'll find some great choices, some more recognisable than others, making Amsterdam the perfect foodie destination.

From patat – a version of french fries that are often served with mayonnaise, raw onions or peanut sauce – to delicious pastries like stroopwafel to more unusual delicacies like raw herring, or Hollandse Nieuwe. There really is something for everyone as well as some things you need to try at least once.


Of course, you can't really go to Amsterdam without spending sometime exploring the canals. The city is criss-crossed with numerous bridges to traverse the 165 canals that flow throughout it. 

While the canals have a practical purpose in that they help keep the sea at bay, they also offer a great way to explore the city as you can travel along them on boat tours. This is a great way to see Amsterdam and will also help you find a great variety of cafes and coffee shops, which often have seating available over the water.

Even if you aren't a fan of boats, you can't ignore the beauty of Amsterdam's canals, especially the the Prinsengracht canal, which is lined with trees and houseboats.  

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