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Birds are some of the most striking, unique and adorable looking makings of nature. There’s no surprise in the fact that they inspire artists all over the planet to create artworks featuring them. Furthermore, prominent artists and pop-culture elements have proven over the years to have the tendency to prefer specific birds as inspiration for their creations, especially their country’s national bird. Hence, most countries are associated with them. For example; the US is almost synonymous to the Bald Eagle and India is often represented by the stately Peacock or Indian Peafowl. So, what about the United Kingdom? Does it have one too? Yes, and It’s *DRUMROLL* Robin!

The Robin Red-breast or simply Robin, as it is commonly known, is a gorgeous looking bird with a plump looking and small sized body comparable to that of a House Sparrow. Although there are many varieties of this bird, the American and our very own European breeds are the most popular. Their warm, pleasing feathers in earthy brown and cream hues, tiny beak, large black eyes with protruding and titular red breast are dearly loved all over England. You wouldn’t be a stranger to how people leave no stone unturned to attract them to their gardens. And; they’re the most soothing songbirds as well!

A fan of these English garden-singing-sensations? Check out some of our best-selling and designer jewellery pieces inspired by the beautiful tweeter below:


The National Robin Bird on Branch Pendant in Two Tone Silver Platinum and Rose Gold Plated


This adorable looking pendant features a clever design comprising of a solid metal tree branch with a beautifully detailed robin bird sitting on it. While the entire piece has been fashioned from resilient sterling silver, the linear design is given a realistic touch and a beautiful contrast of colour with the plating of platinum on the branch and long lasting rose gold on the bird. Pair it with a white metal chain for a harmonious look or even a rose gold plated chain for an outstanding statement look.

The National Bird Robin with Family Dangling Pendant in Rose Gold and Platinum Plated Sterling Silver


Wish to carry the love you have for your family everywhere you go? Then this pendant will suit you just right! This cutesy design flaunts a prominent Robin in the centre with three tiny baby birds hanging under it. The impressive linking of this piece results in effortless dangling and dancing of the birds that looks absolutely heart-melting! Fashioned from premium-grade sterling silver, the design has been given a touch of naturalism with lattice work and Robin’s trademark red-breasted look with strategic rose gold plating.


The National Little Bird Robin Lever Back Earrings in Two Tone Silver Platinum and Rose Gold Plated


Give this heart-warming pair to your mum this Mother’s Day and enjoy being ace at gifting! The adorable pair features a design pretty similar to the aforementioned product with a big sized Robin bird on top and a cute baby bird hanging under it. Finished with blinding lattice design, the clever use of platinum and rose gold plating over sterling silver creates a striking contrast. Perfect articulation makes the birds dangle beautifully giving the illusion of them fluttering under the earlobes.

The National Bird Robin Hoop Earrings in Two Tone Silver Rose Gold and Platinum Plated 6.07 grams


This beautiful pair is perfect for simply any look. Featuring a fantastic combination of classic hoop design with a touch of Robin-loveliness, the duo is ideal for subtle accessorising that does not go unnoticed. The sturdy and thick hoop structure features a meticulously textured and linked Robin bird charm in each earring finished to perfection with shiny platinum and rose gold plating over sterling silver.


The National Bird Robin Love Couple Ring in Rose Gold and Platinum Plated Silver


Depicting a beautiful visual of a Robin couple in their nest, this ring bears a sense of cute and young romance that is certain to make your Valentine melt into a puddle of love. Well-detailed, carefully polished with ingeniously applied platinum and rose gold plating; the resilient and durable sterling silver ring displays both the beauty of Robin and love to perfection!


The National Bird Robin Silver Charm in Two Tone Rose Gold and Platinum Plated


Sprinkle some Robin-love on your keychains, bracelets, bags, phone covers and more with this amazing charm. Equipped with a convenient lobster claw clasp, it is easy to attach to any of your preferred items for an adorable, glittery touch. It exhibits a perfectly finished, highly polished and generously textured Robin-bird inspired design plated with shiny platinum and rose gold over sterling silver. That’s not all! Feel free to use this super versatile stunner as a pendant to achieve an interesting every-day look.

For more such ravishing, bird-inspired trinkets; head onto our website and explore our exquisite bird collection and find your favourites.


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