Top & Trendy Ways to Wear a Chain Necklace

A revived trend of link and chain necklaces is again ruling the social media and market. We absolutely love how the minimal aesthetics of a chain can fit in any collection and pair with casuals to formals without any efforts at all. Running from a long time, chains can fog your vision with its repetition, but you need not worry with our little help and selection down here, you can fix your dire need for something new. Continue reading to know more: 


Since a very long time, the chain necklaces and other chain inspired jewellery has enjoyed a coveted place in the hearts of people. The oldest traces of chains sites back to 2500 B.C, when a royal tomb in Babylonia (Iraq) was discovered with golden jewellery and tones of chains. The chains have been loved ever since then by all the sexes. The way they can smoothly go from boho to casuals, from outlandish to bold; it is lovely to see something so versatile and effortless at the same time. One can totally elevate a simple tank top to a stylish skirt with a good chain. Owing to this, we thought to form a guide for all the ladies and gentlemen out there, planning to elevate their ensembles and add an impactful edge to their persona with little help of jewellery, especially chains.

Understanding Different Chain Lengths in Necklaces

Understanding Different Chains

Chunky Chains

The timeless aesthetics of chain can truly best discover through the chunky and bold chains. If you seek a statement chain necklace or bracelet that can even go solo with your simple tee or trousers look, try to get your hands off the chunky chains. They can add a modern spin to your whole personality and when offered in matinee or opera length can serve as a statement necklace for you. Belcher chains is a fine example in this collection.

Our Product Range

 Diamond Cut Curb Necklace in 9K Yellow Gold 18 Inch ​

Hatton Garden Close Out Diamond Cut Figaro Chain

9K Y Gold Curb Necklace (Size 20), Gold wt 11.44 Gms.

Slim Chains

Rope, curb and twisted chains are some trendy designs available in the sleek form because we understand that not everything has to be chunky and bold to seek your attention. Try to get matinee length in these and let them hang loose at the bottom of your collarbone. These slim beauties can be on their toe for you, no matter the occasion and can tailor best with any outfit. They are subtle, and when bought in golden, can glow a timeless radiance

Adjustable Slider Chain in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver 24 Inch

Made in Italy – Rose Gold Overlay Sterling Silver Chain (Size 18), Silver wt 9.17 Gms

Layered Chains

Add some oomph to your look and experiment the length if you seek more than just one chain. You can undoubtedly mix different metal types such as glowing gold chains, silver chains to find your match and go with it again on every outfit you can imagine! Try to start from the base of your neck and then you can defiantly proceed down with your stack. Snake chains can be a great collection to explore along with the box and Spiga chains.

Chains with Pendant

Why keep it simple if you want to flaunt your jewellery? If you are wondering about going the extra mile for the love and fondness of chains, try getting yourself a chain necklace with a dainty pendant. Don’t be afraid to experiment and pair loose charms or get the curated sets as you please. Some with dog tags were also spotted in the men’s trends.

Chain Bracelets

Throwing on more chain is always a good option. With or without a chain necklace, a bracelet can undoubtedly do the same trick for you. Pair one with your regular watch and stay on top of the trends. The bracelet stacks are also incomplete without a proper chain type, and hence you can always build your perfect stack using one chain bracelet

Mix and Match

How about combining the beauty of two classics? The pearls and chains are one of the most beloved classics of all times in the world of jewellery. Stacking them both as we did in the layered chains above can be a splendid opportunity to let the jewellery speak for you. You can easily jazz up any outfit with pearl beaded necklaces and chain necklaces. Start from the collarbone down your chest for a great look!

Don’t be afraid to show off your chain necklaces and love for them. Whether you decide to go with a turtleneck top or formal coats and tees, add the glitzy touch on one today and let us know how it worked for you. Keep sharing your purchase with TJC! 

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