Travel Hacks You Need To Know

If you’ve got your sights set on travelling the world this year, you’ll probably be on the hunt for some cool travelling hacks.

And while we know there a million and one hacks to be used, we’ve got a few that will make your life that tad bit easier, so keep reading…

Jewellery Storage. Travelling with all your favourite jewellery pieces can be a bit of labour of love, especially when it comes to sorting them out, untangling them and deciding what pieces to wear with what outfits.

On your next trip, carry a pill box and sort your favourite pieces by day. This will help you become more organised too as it will cut down time you decide on what you’re wearing and with what accessories as it’s all pre-planned!

Roll dont fold. This is probably a hack known to all experienced travellers, but save space in your suitcase and backpack by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. You can also save even more space by rolling smaller pieces of clothing inside of shoes too… ready, set, roll!

Bobbi Pins. All us girls can relate that when travelling an abundance of bobbi pins come along for the ride too. But instead of leaving them to sink at the bottom of a bag, keep them together by popping them in an old tic tac box. So handy, right?

Reserve your seats. Sadly this hack only works for travelling duos. But, bag yourself more room on the plane by reserving your seats prior to the flight. When you do this, one person grab a window seat and the other an isle seat. It’s so unlikely that someone will want to sit in the middle of two stranger, which means you can stretch across during your flight. If all fails you can just ask to swap seats with the person in the middle.

Loose Change. Be a good samaritan and give back. By the end of your holiday, you’re likely to have a bag of change, so, instead of taking it back home and it just going to waste, give with the homeless. You’ll feel good about yourself and you’d have helped someone in need.

Do you have any travelling hacks, tips or tricks?


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