Be travel- wise: Vacation Essentials

It is not every day that you get to go on a vacation. And when you do get to plan one, we are sure you want it to go as smooth as possible.

Now, there are so many factors involved in making a vacation great, some are beyond human control, but some of the things, if executed well, can prove to be a great advantage. One such thing is packing, so we’ve compiled a list of fundamental things to pack with you for a stress-free holiday …

Beauty Bag – you need this to sort your make-up, toiletries and first-aid. First of all, you need a miniature version of everything – lotion, cleanser, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, sun-cream, toothpaste, and brush; you can opt for a travel-friendly set of Just Herbs beauty regime from TJC. You can pack the essential makeup along with – blush, mascara, lipsticks, tissues, lip-balms, foundation, hair brush, bands, kohl, eyeliner, and shadow. And what you cannot forget are the Band-Aids, over-the-counter medicines, hand sanitizer, and tissues. Master-tip: Organize liquids in a separate compartment or a transparent bag to avoid damage through spilling.

A Throw – Whether you are hitting the beach or trekking up the hills, you need a scarf or a throw to protect you from chilly night breeze or the scorching sun in the day time. Scarves are a perfect way to pep-up your outfits. They are easy to carry especially when you are trying to pack light; you can mix and match to achieve a distinct look even if (God forbid) you have to repeat an outfit. Master-tip: You can use the throw as a sarong for the beach time or pick up a poncho or kimono jacket from TJC for a trendy look

The Handbag(s) – Tote bags are our all-time favourites, they are roomy enough to store everything essential even spare clothes and shoes and classy enough to complement a variety of outfits. The totes with adjustable straps from TJC can be carried in style on the arm or on the shoulder for the ease of travelling. You can also pack a small cross-body bag to roam about the city while carrying just the things you would need at that point in time. Master-tip: In the case of an impromptu plan to attend a local party, you may want to keep an LBD and a matching clutch bag to be safe. The clutch can double up as a makeup kit and will help you travel light.

Entertainment – We may have listed it last but trust us this is the first thing you should pack especially if you are a lone traveller. What you need most is a music player to tune out the rest of the world in the flight or travelling to multiple cities through road transport, after all, your experience with fellow travellers may not always be cordial. Another way to relax on a vacation is indulging in an interesting read or doing things that you do not find time for back home. Carry a book or your laptop in case you would like to catch up on social media and some movies.

We hope these tips are of help to you while you pack and may you have a fantastic time. Happy vacation!

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