Travelling bling: Taking care of your jewellery on holiday

With school out for summer and many families planning exciting trips abroad, it’s time to start thinking about your holiday essentials. While you can simply fold your clothes and store them neatly inside your suitcase, packing your jewellery is a whole other ball game.

Loosely placing your precious jewellery inside your suitcase is bound to cause it damage, since your case might be mishandled en route, meaning it’s in for a bumpy ride. The last thing you want is to open your suitcase once you’ve arrived at your destination to discover that your expensive pieces of jewellery have broken.

So if you’re wondering how to ensure your jewellery is kept safe and sound for the duration of your trip, follow these handling tips:

Before travelling

Before you travel, carefully decide which pieces of jewellery you want to take on holiday with you. If you’re going to be passing through busy crowds when sightseeing or shopping on your trip, it’s probably a good idea to keep your most precious and sentimental jewellery at home.

This will prevent it from becoming lost, misplaced or even stolen. While you might have insured your belongings, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your jewellery back after it goes missing.

If you are going to travel with expensive pieces of jewellery, though, check that your accommodation has a safe deposit box where you can store your pieces when you don’t want to take them to the pool or beach.

It’s also a good idea to make a list of all the jewellery you are taking, so you can make sure you’ve got everything before you leave to go back home. This is particularly useful since small earrings can easily be misplaced or go astray.

During travelling

When packing your jewellery for the journey, it’s extremely important that you get it right. All pieces of jewellery should be handled with care to avoid them getting scratched or broken.

It’s best to transport your jewellery inside your hand luggage, rather than packing it with checked-in luggage. This way, it’ll be with you for the duration of the journey, meaning there’s less chance of it being mishandled, getting lost or stolen.

Precious jewellery usually comes in a protective box or soft pouch at the point of purchase. If you’re taking delicate jewellery on holiday, store it in its original packaging. What’s more, ensure you pack pieces of jewellery individually. This will avoid necklaces and chains becoming bundled together, which can lead to knots and tangles.

When packing jewellery with clasps, close them first to prevent any pendants from falling loose.

Small leather storage cases with zips and soft lining will help to keep your jewels safe from scratches when on the road, so it’s worth investing in one for your holiday.

On holiday

You’ve made it to your chosen destination without your jewellery coming to any harm. That’s great; but you still need to take care of it even when you’re abroad.

Water can tarnish the finish of precious jewellery pieces, with chlorine and salt causing metals to discolour and weaken. So before you head to the pool or sea remember to take your jewellery off and store it safely, either inside a protective case or the safe in your hotel room.

Even when you’re lying on the beach, sand can scratch metals and gemstones. Not just this, but if you accidentally lose your piece of jewellery, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find it among the sand and sea. To avoid any unfortunate instances, keep your body jewellery-free when beachside.

Sun cream can also affect the condition of your jewellery, so bear this in mind and take off your jewellery when you’re protecting your skin from the rays.

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