Travelling with jewellery: What you need to know

The fact that the sun has started to shine a bit more and the weather has gotten warmer can mean only one thing: summer is coming. This means you’re probably already thinking about where you’re going to jet off to over the next few months to make the most of the season.

While you might have a destination already booked and the perfect swimwear ready to go, you may not have considered what precautions you need to take when travelling with jewellery.

Not packing your jewellery properly or storing it correctly once you’ve arrived can result in damage, loss and even theft, all of which can ruin your holiday. Luckily, there are ways you can avoid these things and keep your must-wear accessories looking their best.

Follow our tips to keep your jewellery in tip-top condition while travelling this summer:

Wear what you can

One of the easiest ways to keep your jewellery safe while travelling is to wear what you can during your journey. This will ensure that you know where your most treasured pieces are at all times.

While you don’t want to wear every item of jewellery you’re taking with you, wearing a bit more than you would normally is a good idea. Just be aware that you may need to remove some pieces when going through airport security.

Pack it in a travel wrap

Taking your jewellery box on a plane with you is far from the best idea, so you need to find an easy way to store your bling safely. Travel wraps are great for this as they provide various storage areas for different pieces of jewellery and help to cushion everything from damage.

They will also stop all your jewellery from getting tangled up, further reducing the chance of damage. Possibly the best thing about this type of jewellery storage is that you can slip it almost anywhere in your bag, so it won’t take up too much space.

Put it in your hand luggage

You should always carry your jewellery in your hand luggage instead of putting it in the suitcase that you are checking. Your hand luggage stays with you at all times so you know that your jewellery is safe.

While the chances of your suitcase being lost are pretty slim, it can happen. This would mean that expensive jewellery or pieces with sentimental value are also lost, which could ruin your holiday before it has even begun.

Always pay for a safe

If your hotel or holiday apartment offers you a safe either free or for a small charge, you should always make use of it. Use the safe to store any jewellery, money, passports and other valuables so you always know where they are. This will also protect you from theft as you aren’t going to be in your room for your entire holiday.

Never wear jewellery in the water

Not only will swimming with your jewellery on risk damaging it, it can also mean you’re more likely to lose entire pieces or single stones. Whether you’re heading to the pool or taking a dip in the sea, the water can discolour your jewellery or leave it scratched.

While a good clean can sometimes rectify this, some damage or discolouration is permanent. This is why you should leave jewellery in your room while you’re enjoying the water.

Leave the expensive stuff at home

It can be tempting to take some of your best bling on vacation with you in order to up the glam factor of your holiday wardrobe. However, if you have really expensive pieces, these are better left safe and sound at home.

Even with travel insurance, you aren’t guaranteed that any loss or damage will be covered so it is best not to risk it.

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Image: iStock/grinvalds

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