Treasure Jewels – 8 Faces of Cabochon

Cabochon is a less often-spoken term when speaking about jewellery. However, it’s not rare in use. In fact, you’ll find several shining jewellery pieces in your own treasure trove that have been decorated using a beautiful cabochon-cut stone. The smooth and immaculate beauty of this gems is usually heightened when they’re moulded in this cut. Below, you’ll find all that you should know about this term, and you also find out some beautiful designs that flaunt it!


What is Cabochon?

And that’s the first and the most important question you find yourself asking. Cabochon is a term that has been used for a certain cut or shape of a gem, which has a flat bottom. In this case, the gemstone is shaped and then polished, instead of being faceted. The most identifiable features of these stones are their flat back domed front side.


Often found in stones that have a high grade of asterism – which is a star-like shape across the face – and chatoyancy – which is the effect of a cat’s eyes. Stones with a beautiful display of iridescence also look stunning in this very cut. You’ll get most of the cabochons to be shaped into an oval or ellipsis.


Cabochon Jewellery

A we’ve talked about; these stones look absolutely marvellous when they’re used cleverly in the jewellery ideas. Below are some of the more popular stones that look breath-taking in their polished and shining cut.



Jade cabochon ring at TJC
Yellow Jade, White Topaz, Hebei Peridot and Iolite Ring

Available in a whole, celebrated lot of colours, shapes, sizes, and cuts, jade is a stone that is collected by connoisseurs of hued jewellery. These stones have an almost waxy surface that’s the ideal for cabochon shape. You can find some beautiful jade jewellery with earrings, rings, pendants, and so much more that display cabochon is various sizes and colours.



Agate cabochon pendant at TJC
Dendritic Opal Pendant in Sterling Silver

If you love colours, then there is simply no stone better than agate for you. The said gem comes in the not only different solid, block hues, but also with shifting colours in one! That’s right, you can find agate jewellery that offers a ravishing mix of two or more colours, which will fill your style with an enriched sense of binging colours from the palette.



Turquoise cabochon bracelet at TJC
Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Natural Cambodian Zircon Bracelet

Representing the essence of freedom and open skies, this stone is heard off by everyone! Turquoise jewellery is something you simply cannot pass up on. And cabochon is the more often-used cut of these stones. From simple earrings to glamorous necklaces, turquoise can be worn in every different way. The golden and white streaks on its face only make it look fancier and unique.



Opal cabochon earrings at TJC
Ethiopian Welo Opal, Tanzanite Dangling Earrings

The iridescent magnificence of opal jewellery is something that everyone has been speaking about. The magical kaleidoscopic play of rich and astonishing colours makes this stone among the most popular picks. In fact, to some, opal looks like it resides the entire milky way. The cabochons of opal look like smooth soap bubbles that reflect a myriad of lush green, white, blue, and streaks of more colours when viewed from different angles. Find the ones that are your favourite and swathe on the ethereal richness that coveted and popular.



Moonstone cabochon pendant at TJC
Sri Lankan Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

Another resplendent choice is moonstone jewellery. It is believed by many that the said stone harbours its powers from the Moon itself. With gorgeous milky white hues, it has a soft yet glamorous look about it. The stunning jewellery made from the moonstone is not only aesthetically appealing but also has several benefits, according to healers. The cabochons of this gem are usually placed in the centre of the jewellery designs.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli cabochon cufflinks at TJC
Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks in Gold Plated Silver

The celestial and magnetic hues of lapis lazuli jewellery have made it among the best cabochon-shaped gemstones. Taking the intensity of the inky dark evening sky, this stone looks absolutely besotted if you’re looking for grace and awe. The little splatters of white on the smooth surface heighten its beauty by tenfold. Presented as classic heirlooms, these beauties are the best image of elegance and panache.


Mojave Turquoise

Mojave turquoise cabochon earrings at TJC
Arizona Mojave Black Turquoise, Boi Ploi Black Spinel Earrings

Another remarkable gem, this holds entirely different shades and hues, despite the name. Mojave Turquoise jewellery has the ebony black background, which is beautified with the streaks of golden and yellow. Scaling to new heights of picturesque glamour, this is a stone that’s rare and prized. Be sure to browse through the range and find cabochon jewellery that you just cannot deny.



Amber cabochon bangle at TJC
Amber Cuff Bangle in Sterling Silver

If you’re an enthusiast of history and tales of time, then there’s nothing better suiting for your tastes than amber jewellery. Holding the mysterious tales of the bygone era, amber is actually tree resin that has solidified into stones over the span of hundreds of years. The glowing golden gem is truly picturesque and looks perfect only when it’s in the cabochon cut. Find the smoothened and polished gem and drape it for a unique, prized, and meaningful look.

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