Tribal Collection

It’s been a busy but fun couple of week’s here at TJC towers and in the run up to Christmas it’s getting even better, as we’ve got pieces and collections we know you will love, giving you time to update your Christmas wishlist accordingly!

We’ve introduced a whole new range of sparkle infused collections including; Circle of Life and Constellation collections, perfect for getting you excited for the festive party season –do you love them?

This year update your festive looks with a brand new collection premiering on TJC tomorrow at 10am-1pm and again at 8pm-11pm, perfect if you want a unique look for the season pairing blackened and rustic silvers with intricate patterns and polished cabochons!

The Tribal Collection has landed at TJC and we can’t wait for you to explore and indulge in this incredible collection while celebrating such a colourful and innocent history.

A bit about the Tribal collection

The Tribal collection is a concept inspired by 4 tribes in India; Gujrat, Goa, Dhokra and the North East.

These four tribes are celebrated for being their ancient and intricate jewellery design techniques, dating back over 5000 years – and these techniques are still being used today pushing away more modern and easier options.

The jewellery draws inspiration from nature, natural beauty and art forms, paying homage to the history of each tribe.

In this new collection you’ll see many floral patterns, animal motifs – in particular elephants and sea life, with some pieces highlighting the livelihoods of people working in the tribes, through designs using weaving techniques which relates to the skill of basket making.

Tune In!

This collection is one you will love as it combines, history, intricacy and art, creating beautiful pieces that can be easily infused into your wardrobe or worn to create a statement and awe inspiring look.

Don’t forget, catch the collection tomorrow at 10am -1pm and again at 8pm-11pm!

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