Trilogy rings – Meaning and significance

Trilogy rings have taken the jewellery world by a storm! Not only are they a gorgeous sight to look at, but their meaning makes them even more special. The significance of these rings is understood by different people in their own individual way. While everyone finds themselves at gasping and swooning over the divinity of their aesthetic elegance, only a few know what the design truly stands for. At TJC, we’re here to let you in on the significance of wearing a Trilogy ring and how it can make the most pious statement jewellery choice.


What is a Trilogy ring?

The first question that most find asking themselves is what exactly a Trilogy ring is. It’s a pretty self-explanatory title if we’re to be honest. A trilogy ring stands for the setting of three big-sized stones on one band, right next to each other. Now, you’ll find two main variations of Trilogy ring designs in the jewellery world, which are:

  • Where all stones are of the same size: There are several designs where all the three stones encrusted on the ring are of the same size. It looks neat and chunky at the same time. The three stones can represent various things like a strong bond of family, love, your adoration for your children and spouse, or anything else.

    Rose De France Amethyst Trilogy Ring
  • Where the centre stone is the biggest: The more popular variation of Trilogy theme entails the design where the centre stone is larger than the two adjacent stone on the shank. This theme usually follows the meaning of past, present, and future. With the largest stone being placed in the centre, it means that present is the most important time.

    Natural Green Gold Quartz White Topaz Trilogy Ring


What can a Trilogy ring mean?

A Trilogy ring can mean a lot of things. We have listed a few meanings that people usually relate to:

  • Past, present, future: The most common theme that most Trilogy rings follow is the concept of past, present, and future. The three stones represent the important times of your life. However, in this pattern, you will note that the centre stone is the biggest, which represents the present time.

    Citrine 3 Stone Ring
  • Love, devotion, and friendship: Another theme that plenty rings follow is this one. The three stones encrusted on the band represent the three important relations that you make in your life. These three aspects are also pertinent to live a fulfilling life. It usually grounds the wearers and reminds them of the important relations of their existence.

    Sky Blue Topaz Diamond Trilogy Ring
    Sky Blue Topaz Diamond Trilogy Ring
  • A family: A lot of Trilogy rings stand as a portrayal of a small family. The three stones can signify the spouse and two children. In some cases, it can mean the couple and their one child, or even one stone for each when there are three children. It can mean any of the plenty things.

    J Francis – Swarovski Zirconia Trilogy Ring
  • The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: In some Christian beliefs, the three stones also represent a biblical meaning. Each stone stands for the parts of the holy trinity.

    Brazilian Smoky Quartz Ring
  • Love, honour, and cherish: To a lot of you, these three words mean something godly. When you’re speaking your vows, you swear to love, honour, and cherish your spouse. And a Trilogy ring is both a reminder of that vow and a beautiful dedication. It is also a reason why Trilogy rings are most often stacked with the wedding bands.

    Rare Size Boi Ploi Black Spinel Ring


There can be other meanings to the Trilogy concept as well. Many people buy the rings designed with the embellishment of certain stones as stones represent different relations as well. Below is a brief list of meaning related to some of the most popular stones:

  • Diamond: Diamond is mostly associated with love.
  • Aquamarine: Aquamarine can be linked with the true meaning of friendship.
  • Tanzanite: Like the intensity of its colour, tanzanite is related to the eternal love.
  • Ruby: Several people relate the hypnotizing red hue of the ruby gem with the intoxicating emotion of love.
  • Garnet: Garnet represents friendships.
  • Sapphire: The rich stone represents purity, honesty, and loyalty.
  • Turquoise: The exotic stone stands for happiness and freedom.

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