New and Exclusive – Turkizite!

Spring is the season of new beginnings and at TJC we bringing you a brand new, exclusive and extremely rare gem to indulge in – Turkizite!

Turkizite, also known as Turkish Diaspore is a new, exciting and incredibly rare colour changing gemstone, only found in Anatolia, Turkey. It is said that there are only 5 to 6 years of mining left for this stone, so let us waste no time in telling you everything you need to know…

New and Exclusive - Turkizite

This beautiful gemstone possesses stunning colour changing properties that present a multiple of hues, ranging from: soft kiwi green, lavender-blue or champagne pink to rich dark red. Turkizite is a 100% natural beauty, no enhancements needed, much like the showstopping effects found in Alexite.

Holding a vivid green colour this gem symbolises strength, intelligence and knowledge. However, the intensity of Turkizite depends on the size of the gem. The larger the stone, the more intense the colour change, while smaller stones will display a more subtle colour difference.

Deposits of Turkizite can be found throughout the world: Arizona, Pennsylvania in the US, Argentina, Brazil, China, New Zealand and Russia, although, Turkey is the only location currently that produces gem-quality material that need to be in your jewellery collection.

Turkizite is a luxuriously prized gem across the globe, due to its rarity and timeless beauty. In the early 80’s the gemstone was mined for commercial purposes. Sitting at 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale this colour changing gem is not only durable but attractive and is comparable to Peridot and even Tanzanite!

Today, enjoy the chameleon-like colour changes and choose a Turkizite piece that is not often found in the regular jewellery market. From morning sunlight to evening candlelight, this gemstone will hypnotize you with its intense beauty and excellent transparency. Discover an awe-inspiring Turkizite jewellery piece now…

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