Turn over a new leaf with Ammolite

Autumn is well and truly here and we’re enjoying every minute of it! From the beautiful fallen leaves, to being able to wrap up in the latest fashion and of course indulging in yummy gemstones, we’re having fun planning our fashion-forward looks

And to celebrate, this season, we’re absoltely loving a gemstone we think was specially made for this time of year – Ammolite.

Transform your style with the iridescent green-blue hue of Ammolite, a stone which beautifully blends against the chill of autumn.

Colour Intensity. Ammolite is adored for its fascinating colour display. Its stunning iridescence can even rival October’s birthstone – Opal – and even Labradoratit, with its intensity and beauty and will look superb in the autumn/ winter lights.

Colour variation. Although we admire Ammolite for its green-blue hues, this stone also comes in a spectrum of colours. These iridescent colours range from – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. However, red and green are the most common colours.

Turn over a new leaf and fully immerse your autumn style and accessorise with stunning pieces of Ammolite….


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