Turquoise in winter? Yes, we say…

Is the wintery cold weather getting you down? Us too – and we firmly believe that the only way to beat the Winter blues is to go on a bling binge. 

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We’ve foraged around and looked high and low to find the perfect jewellery to give you the boost you need. And look what we have come up with – turquoise.

An alternative birthstone for December, sky blue turquoise is generally considered a summer gemstone. But who says you can’t wear it in winter? Its knobbly imperfections give it a quirky quality and make each piece unique.

Whatever your choice, we suggest you snap up some turquoise jewellery in a hurry, it’s bound to brighten up your day in a two shakes of a lamb’s tail!

Check out our picks in the mood board below and get shopping.

Kristin Scott Thomas - Turquoise Jewellery

So there’s our wintery tip for you. What are your tips for picking yourself up during the chilly winter months? Let us know in the reply box below.

Happy shopping, love TJC





6 thoughts on “Turquoise in winter? Yes, we say…

  1. Hello evereryone at TJC, only been with you for a few month and have bought so much from you! you all are so very entertaining and bring me so much joy, a happy familly as I am mostly house bound, and I love the high quality of the jewellery, I have bought so much runing out of drawers to keep my jewellery. Thank you all for bringing me so much happy hours, each day.

    1. Hi Chantal,

      We are very happy that you are enjoying all the jewellery goodies… Make sure you have a look online today as we have 15% our full price catalogue.
      A very merry Christmas to you and your family.

      Love TJC x

  2. cristin is my cousins cousin, i used to play with her when i was young!

    original handmade jewellery vast selection of semi precious

  3. Turquoise is such a beautiful stone. Particularly like the bracelet at the top of the page. Do you have any further details on it?

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