6 Types of People at Work and Workwear Essentials

We all work with so many people in the office and they’re all different. Obviously, their workwear essentials will be different as well, suiting to their individual personalities. We, at TJC, have researched on the top 6 personalities we always see at work and the ensembles that are perfect for them. Below, you’ll find them, so read on!


Save Time, Dress from Our List!


We already give so many hours of the day to our work. And getting up in the mornings just to sit in front of wardrobe to put together the perfect workwear essentials is just another we don’t need! So, at TJC, we’ve simplified it for you. We have put together some minimal and professional ensembles that will make you a fashionista on a budget! Come and see which one, or more, strike your fancy!


The Minimal Keeper

Simple styler workwear essentials

The first one is for that woman who excels at minimalism. Strict for codes, she doesn’t spend a lot of time experimenting new looks and plays it safe! For her, we’ve brought a wonderful white cardigan by Carraig Donn, woven in 100% merino wool. It can be paired perfectly with an all-suiting 100% Genuine Leather Italian Tan Croc Embossed Stone Pattern Tote Bag. For her, solitaire earrings do the trick!


The Chipper Friend

Chipper friend workwear essentials

This one is for the exuberant ones! With a love for florals and bright designs, she wears her heart at her sleeve. She loves to show affection, go out, and dress for the same. For her, we have put together workwear essentials that reflect freedom! A spring-themed kimono for a fashionable twist can be paired with delightful and vivacious turquoise hoop earrings! She can also try on some chunky stretch bracelets.


The Mystery

The mystery woman workwear essentials

We all have that one colleague who’s extremely mysterious. She wears inconspicuous and comfortable clothing that doesn’t call for attention. She’s an enigma that you cannot understand. And we have the perfect workwear essentials for her! Put on this simple black and white checker-pattern poncho, which offers comfort and a cloak! You can pair it with this simple, small, and beautiful grey tote bag. The gentle sparkles of halo earrings will add little glints to your final look, giving you that elusive glamour factor.


The Comfortable Queen

comfortable workwear essentials

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a one who believes in comfort! She wants easy styling, bold experimental jewellery, and fashion that stays forever. Well, we have just the ensemble for her, too. This large, spacious, and comfortable multicolour tote bag will match her style perfectly, paired with this wonderful Spring Flower dress by Brakeburn. Try on some colourful scarves to go with!


The Elegant Belle

elegant workwear essentials

And when we have the comfortable queen, we’ll also have that one who is the picture of elegance. She keeps her poise, style, and flair in a beautiful show. We all want to be her! Her clothes are simple, subtle, and cosy; her fashion choices aren’t loud, and yet everyone stops and looks at her when she enters the room. If you wish to be her, then this beautiful 100% wool cream-coloured poncho is ideal. Pair it with the delicate glint of simple gold chains and carry this beautiful crocodile-pattern 100% genuine leather blue bag.


Bohemian at Heart

carefree workwear essentials

And finally, we have her who is free of all rules and laws! She’s a force of nature that you can’t capture. She dresses with experiments. Her workwear essentials are colourful, different, and stylish. She’s happy and carefree, and we all wish we could be her. Her freedom is her style, and that is best reflected in this cheery 100% genuine leather sky blue crossbody bag. It can be paired with this gorgeous turquoise blue sub shrubbery peony pattern scarf. For jewellery, she wears colourful chandelier or drop earrings with bold designs!


If you’ve noticed more and different kinds of people commonly found at your work, do tell us! We’re always looking forward to hearing from you.

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