Ultimate Hollywood glamour: Diamond earrings for that red carpet look

Most of us will know that creating the glamorous Hollywood look takes time. Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie and other Hollywood beauties have makeup artists and stylists perfecting their outfits and look, weeks before an event.

How can we compete with this? The answer is simple: diamond jewellery.

When it comes to perfecting your ensemble, jewellery such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces are crucial to really nailing that classic 1930s glam style.

Diamonds earrings are a staple item when constructing a red carpet look. While the diamond colouring complements all styles of outfits, it is also important to consider shape, length and design.

Floral diamonds

For a simple and classy look which is perfect for spring, a floral diamond earring will complement your outfit.

At the 2016 Oscar event, Mad Max actress and Hollywood star Charlize Theron pulled off the Hollywood glamour magnificently, as ever. With an elegant floor length gown in striking red, Charlize’s floral diamante earrings made all the difference in adding high-glam to her look.

Something like our Diamond Floral Stud earring is a great example of floral diamonds. Teamed with a simple hairdo, swept to one side in either a loose bun or with flowing waves, these beautiful earrings will twinkle the night away.

The sparkling stud

A common misconception when it comes to wearing diamond earrings is that they need to be bold and bright, but this isn’t always the case. A simple sparkling stud is minimal but effective, and when combined with a red carpet outfit, sometimes this is all you need to complete your look.

With such a variety of diamante studs on offer, it can be difficult to choose the right style.

For a plain and understated stud, our Iliana White Gold Diamond earrings can be worn both day and night, and perhaps, if you have your ear pierced more than once, to complement a larger earring.

A diamond stud is a staple earring which not only works with the red carpet style, but also adds glam and sophistication to day wear. Whatever your age and whatever the occasion, a diamond stud will always add the final touch to your look, pulling the outfit together.

The bigger the better

Cut quality is an important factor to consider when purchasing a pair of diamond earrings. A high quality grade of diamond means that it will be cut more proportionally, resulting in a diamond which will be able to retain and reflect light more effectively.

So if you love diamonds and you want your earrings to be the centre of attention, then the bigger the diamond the better. Generally, the more big and visible a diamond, the more important it is for its cut to be of high quality.

Cut shape is also an important factor that should come into play when choosing your bold diamante earrings. The shape of your diamond will often complement the shape of your face.

Rectangular shapes are best suited to a broader face, while round and oval shapes are most suitable for thinner faces.

At TJC, all our diamond collections are cut and shaped at a high quality standard to ensure that our jewellery gleams and reflects light to the best of its ability.

Dazzling designs

While a simple cut diamond is beautiful in its own splendour, a designed earring which has been shaped and sculptured can really add that on-trend American glamour look.

At the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party, actress Sofia Vergara stunned audiences with a pair of huge dangling diamond earrings, which complemented her strapless gown brilliantly. To recreate this ultimate Hollywood glamour look, our red carpet Diamond Platinum Overlay earrings are a stunning earring which will sparkle and gleam, reflecting light perfectly.

Whatever style of diamond earring you go for this season, you’ll find the perfect pair for your budget in our diamonds collection.

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