Vicki Browne – has she caught the travel bug?

Hello there!

Vicki Browne here again. A little update from my travels. We were sad to leave Cape Town. Truly an amazing place and somewhere I would definitely recommend. But it was time for more festivities in Johannesburg so off we set.

Weddings, who doesn’t love one? Surely there’s no better excuse for getting dressed up and adding as much sparkle as you can! I went for a stacked bangle look and of course a massive knuckleduster of a ring. And as promised a few photos from the wedding we attended last Saturday.

Vicki Browne wedding2

Vicki Browne on WeddingNot only were we treated to a fabulous wedding, where the bride looked absolutely beautiful, but we also got to go on a game drive. Yes folks, try and not be jealous now; wow it was amazing to feel so close to nature.

Vicki Browne on game drive

And so that’s it – I’m now back in the not so sunny UK. But after all it’s home and I’m glad to be back and of course that means I’m back on TV too.

See you later!
Love Vicki xx

3 thoughts on “Vicki Browne – has she caught the travel bug?

  1. Hi Vicki, pleased you had a good holiday, and that the wedding went well, but so happy to see you back on TJC. Hope you eventually received the letters I wrote to you, they seemed to have gone astray, I wrote after the open day in June, and was told no one received them, so I wrote them again in August! I have had a few presenters tell me they have got one of theirs, so do not know what happened to the others! Take care, love and God bless Denise Sennitt xxxx

  2. Nice to see your photos Vicki and glad you had a nice time, love the giraffe,and was very amused to hear how they wanted your sparkles!! Would need a lot of necklaces to fill her neck!!
    My mum says you are still looking for a chaise for Wednesday luxury?! I sent you a message on fb a while back as there are so many nice ones on the internet,made a list!! But the ideal one would seem to be a L L Bowen designed one in purple (tjcs colour of course) and covered in S Crystals!!! What better for you as Queen of sparkle/!!

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