Ways to pamper your dad this Father’s Day

With Father's Day (June 21st) fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about the number one man in your life. While you might have moved away from home and don't get to see your dad as often as you'd like, there's no reason why you can't spoil him and give him the tender loving care he very much deserves.

Here's a selection of ways to pamper your dad this Father's Day:

Stock the fridge with his favourite foods

Spending quality time with your old man doesn't have to cost the earth, so don't worry about going out for a fancy, slap-up meal. Instead, gather a selection of your dad's favourite DVDs and stock the fridge with his best-loved foods. That way you can chat, watch films and eat to your heart's content, all in the comfort of your home.

Your dad is bound to appreciate the effort you've put in to carefully selecting his most-loved films and foods, not to mention the fact he'll be able to properly spend time with you without any distractions.  

Take him shopping

Everyone loves a spot of retail therapy now and again, and if it's not often that your dad spoils himself, now is a great time for you to step in.

A shopping trip is a lovely way to treat your dad to a gift, whether it's a practical appliance he needs or something special he can cherish forever. Of course, you can also pick out a gift yourself to give him before you head off for a day of retail therapy.

Most men carry a wallet, some even using the same one for years. Perhaps your dad's wallet is looking a bit worse for wear; if so, it's time to change it up and what better than with our Black Genuine Leather Wallet? With plenty of pockets to store his cards, as well as being made from high-quality leather, your dad is sure to be thrilled with his new gift.

Go for a spa day

Who says spa days are just for girls? Pampering is for everyone, so head to a relaxing spa with your dad this Father's Day.

Let him choose from the wide range of treatments on offer, such as a seaweed body wrap, an aromatic back massage or hot stone facial. This is particularly great for dads who work high-pressured jobs as it helps to relieve tension and stress.

If he's a keen sportsman, most spas come complete with a big swimming pool, so your old man will have the opportunity to brush up on his breaststroke while you kick back in the jacuzzi or sauna.

After being pampered all day long, you'll both probably work up an appetite, so head to a restaurant on your way home or if you're too relaxed to move, stay in your dressing gowns and order a takeaway.

Let him put his feet up

If your dad's always on his feet, let him put them up and take on the household chores yourself. Provide him with a selection of newspapers, magazines, books and, of course, the television remote, so he doesn't have to move from his seat all day.

Everyday chores can be more difficult to carry out as you get older, so give your dad a helping hand by cleaning his kitchen, hoovering the living room and washing the laundry. This will lift a weight off his shoulders and show him just how much you care.

What's more, if it's sunny outside, go in the garden together and water the plants while your dad kicks back under the rays with a beer and newspaper. Once you've finished, sit down and join him. That way you're helping out as well as spending time together.

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