How to wear your pearls in 2016

This year has seen the comeback of the classic pearl. Once imagined as something you’d find in your granny’s jewellery box, the traditional pearl has been reinvented and is now a gemstone that has been used in some of the hottest jewellery collections.

Big brands and influential fashion houses have bought Pearls to the forefront of our everyday style, and we’ve looked at the ways in which they have reinvented such a vintage style into a current trend.

Taking some inspiration from Fashion Week catwalks and look-books, here’s a breakdown of how you should be wearing pearls in this SS16…

More is always more
Massive orbs are really on trend for the next season, so when picking pearls, pick big robust styles, that make an eye catching statement. Something like this Freshwater Peal ring or this round solitaire ring is perfect for showcasing a style that’s hard to take your eye off, and will have you at the centre of attention.

Pearl Drops are a classic style that has been revamped with a contemporary design and we here at TJC are loving it. Resembling a charm, the pearl will be at the centre of the design. This ear cuff is a perfect example of pearls being updated into a wearable item, that’s great for the party season combining elegance and modernity.

Drip Shape
This design is similar to the drop style however, pearls  are set in a way that resembes a drop of water, or have the effect of dripping away from the design.  This simple yet dainty necklace is a great example of the drip style, and ideal for those who don’t like over the top designs for every day.

Staying true to traditional pearl necklace styles, an ideal pick is this white shell pearl necklace.  Displaying a variety of sizes, this pearl necklace truly blends the styles of vintage and modernity.

As pearls were something seen in the most influential catwalk shows this year, a great way that shows displayed their own take on such an opulent gem was through the use of colours. If you didn’t know, Pearls can be found in a range of colours, from pink to cream and yellow to black, it’s a gem perfect for mixing and matching different colours, taking a more traditional gem to the next level suitable for your personal style. If you want to try this style, try styling this white, peach and purple simulated diamond necklace.

How will you be coveting pearls in SS16?

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