Wedding Day Nerves? Start Your Day Right

Your wedding day may be in sight, and in usual fashion, the nerves may be creeping in, so before those pesky wedding day nerves take hold, here’s how to own your wedding morning!

Take Your Time. The art to feeling fully relaxed on the morning of your wedding is to take your time. Ensure you have enough time to do everything without having to rush, this way you’ll be able to make quick changes if needed, enjoy the company of your bridesmaids and really remember every single detail, of what will be the biggest day of your life.

Music. Usually all of us have a favourite song or a playlist that sets us up for a particular challenge. Before your big day, make your very own playlist filled with your favourite songs, this will also make for a great momentum, with every song capturng a special feeling.

Jewellery. Fab jewellery will always make you feel special, so elegantly complement your dress with diamonds or your most favourite gemstone while keeping in theme with your colour scheme. Placing all your jewellery on once your hair, makeup and dress is on will finish the vision you’ve had since you started planning your wedding, so feel special in style!

Girl Gang – Having your best gal pals around you will make the world of difference, and they’ll also be at your call and beckon. If anything goes wrong, you can ensure your girls will be there to fix it, just make sure at least one has an Emergency Kit at hand.

Light Breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start your wedding day off the right way? While your body may be running on adrenaline, equip your body with the stuff it needs, your wedding day will be long, and you may not even have a chance to enjoy food later as you’ll be tending to guests, so make a light breakfast and make it count.

Do you have any tips to keep wedding day nerves at bay? 

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