Wednesday Wish List!

Good morning and welcome to the “Wednesday Wish List”. I have decided that each week I will post some little gems that I have found in our vast range of jewellery items – 11,700 to be exact (thats a lotta bling, but I like it)! So here is my pick for today, Enjoy!


1. Green Tanzanite and 14K White Gold Ring.

Hmm, so Green Tanzanite? What’s that all about I hear you ask. Well these rare and exciting pieces have been found very sporadically in Tanzania. Green Tanzanite makes a great investment to your collection!

2. ILIANA Aquamarine and Diamond 18K White Gold Pendant and Chain.

Ah my birthday stone, March that is. Now this beauty would be wonderful around anyones neck. Just fabulous darhling!

3. Lucy Q Earrings in Sterling Silver.

Don’t you just LOVE Lucy Q! Everything she does just seems to be funky and edgy, yet very stylish and these earrings are no exception.

4. ILIANA AAA Tanzanite and Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Earring.

More stunning Tanzanite, but this time the more traditional purpley blue hue that we are used to seeing. These earrings look so classy, don’t you think? Hmm, jeans, a white T, a nice trendy blazer and these little stunners and you’re good to go.

5. Lucy Q Splat Sterling Silver Bangle.

Ah, more Lucy Q.. I can’t keep away can I? This bangle is awesome. Big and chunky, a definite statement piece.

Have a wonderful Wednesday !

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