What gifts should actually be on your registry?

If you're planning your wedding, you've probably started thinking about your gift registry. This is the list of things you'd like people to get you for a wedding present, so you have the perfect opportunity to fill it with things you and your partner actually want.

Traditionally, wedding registries were intended to help you set up your marital home. However, nowadays most people tend to live together for a while before taking the walk down the aisle, so the old lists may not be relevant to you and your partner.

Rather than asking for a toaster, wine glasses and cutlery that you probably already have, you can choose things that suit the pair of you much better and that you'll get more use out of.


It is becoming normal for couples due to get married to ask for money instead of gifts. While this is great if you want to purchase things yourselves or you need some help for the honeymoon, some people will still want to get you a gift.

You'll also find that some people aren't sure exactly how much money is acceptable to give you. To help everyone out, why not ask them to pay for experiences instead?

You can both come up with a list of experiences you'd like to enjoy in your first year of marriage or on your honeymoon. To make it easier for your guests, you can put estimated costs next to each of the experiences.

These can be things like dinner out, honeymoon jet skiing or a weekend stay at a B&B. It is a great way to be given money while letting people feel like they are giving you a present. It is a great way to be given money while letting people feel like they are giving you a present.

A helping hand

If you don't want anything from your guests and want to avoid them buying you presents or giving money, you might try creating a list of things they can help out with during your first married year.

Your list could include things like a night of free babysitting, holiday dog sitting, or cooking a three-course meal. It is a great way to ensure you see everyone who attends your wedding over the months following your wedding.

Things you actually need

For those who want to go the more traditional route, the key to creating a good wedding registry is to look at what you actually need. After all, there's no point in asking for things you already have if you have nowhere to put everything.

While it's nice to have a few things that are saved for special occasions, such as champagne flutes and plates, you don't want to restock your whole kitchen for the sake of it.

Instead, look at what you need or what you need replacing in your house. It is a good idea to include both big and small things, as some guests may not have a big budget while others will want to splurge.

Things like bed linen, towels, a vase, photo frames etc can be really useful and you may not have suitable ones already, which means it is a good idea to put them on your list. You can also ask for things you might not usually splash out on, like a wine aerator, a new coffee table or a cocktail set.

The list is totally up to you, so if you think you'll use it and you don't already have it, put it down on the list. 

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