10 things to look forward to in your first year of marriage…

With our feeds swamped with new engagements, fancy rings and sickengly soppy statuses, it’s officially that time of year again – wedding season.

Everyone seems to be getting hitched or engaged, and by the looks of our social media timelines, if you’re one of one of these special people getting married or celebrating your first year of marriage, we’ve got some things we’re sure you can relate with… or expect to! 

Let’s see how many you can tick off the list…

  • If the novelty hasn’t already worn off, you’ll constantly catch a glimse of your beautiful wedding and engagement rings and smile to yourself with happiness – is this really happening? 
  • If you’re already married it’s likely your last name has changed. Time to practice your new signature! Only, every time you sign for something it ends up looking like a child scribbled it out  – The do say practice makes perfect!
  • You’ve just got used to calling you other half fiance, yet husband has a special ring to it that just works
  • You’ll love filling out forms and ticking ‘married’ and you’ll be ecstatic to replace Miss with Mrs
  • You’ll love that he calls you his Wife as if nothing changed
  • You’ll happily and confidently say ‘I’m married’ when someone tries to make a move on you
  • You’ll get annoyed when someone asks ‘when are you having babies?’ and think ‘I only just got married!’
  • You’ll take every moment to show off your wedding and Engagement rings
  • You’ll love reminscing of your big day, even if you’re close friends and relatives are so over it.
  • You’ll want to spend as much time with your new Husband as possible – they don’t call it the honeymoon period for nothing!

Have you experienced any of these or have anything to add to the list? 

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