What TJC loves for March: Glitzy dresses

With the awards season finally coming to an end in February, it's no wonder that we're absolutely loving all the stunning dresses that have been shown off on the red carpet.

As the Oscars took over our TVs as the last film award show and with the Brit Awards giving one last hurrah, the end of February was all about floor-length gowns and stunning ensembles.

However, out of all the dress trends that have emerged on the red carpet ready for March, there is one that gets the prize as far as we're concerned. Stunning sparkle embellishments and all-over glitter have made glitzy dresses our main love this month.

A whole host of celeb fashionistas have rocked this look, from Lady Gaga's highly textured silver dress at the Oscars (we'll forgive her the red gloves), to Rita Ora's fully sequin-embellished gold number at the Brits to Jennifer Lopez's flawless nude ball gown with flowing sparkles at the Academy Awards. 

This is a look that anyone can pull off and everyone will look fabulous in, no matter what your style.

There are a few different ways you can wear the glitz look, with all-over sparkle being the most obvious. This is perfect if you want to make a huge statement and ensure that all eyes are on you. 

However, you'll have to keep the rest of your look a bit simple in order to balance it out. Take a leaf out of Rita Ora's style and opt for some smoky eye makeup, a glossy lip and swept back hair to put your glittery outfit at the forefront.

If you want to go for a more intricate style, Lady Gaga's could be for you. Her dress at the Oscars was completely covered in tiny detail in a silver foil, adding sparkle and texture to her dress. It also looked totally different up close compared to a distance, making it a hugely interesting outfit.

We'd suggest that if you're planning on rocking this look, you leave the bright red gloves at home and let your dress do all the talking.

Probably our favourite dress out of the whole sparkling parade is the one Jennifer Lopez wore to the Oscars. This stunning nude number had a full, layered skirt, which worked perfectly with the revealing, plunging neckline. 

Adding glitter to the simple shade, the dress had crystal embellishments throughout the bodice, falling down over the top of the skirt. The effect was that Jennifer was literally dripping in glitz, adding texture and movement to her outfit.

She also teamed her dress with subtle, glowing makeup and an elegantly simple hairstyle, allowing her dress to hit all the right notes.

Of course, you could also add sparkle to any outfit by choosing glitzy jewellery to wear with it, helping you to transform any dress in an instant. Why not have a look at what new jewellery we've got in and see how you can glam up your style?

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