What TJC loves for October: Textured jewellery

There are a lot of dark, rich colours being shown across clothing collections for October, in true autumn/winter style. While these are great for rocking the luxury trend, they can end up looking much like the next dark colour.

This is because the shades are so deep that you lose individual textures, which are important for distinguishing between different fabrics and really bringing your ensemble to life. This is why we are loving textured jewellery this month.

Adding textured jewellery to your outfit can instantly elevate it and introduce different elements. This helps to stop a look from becoming flat, as it makes it more three-dimensional.

While smooth jewellery can do this to some degree, especially if it has a bit of sparkle, pieces that include different textures help to draw the eye and make a statement, even if your bling also uses dark shades.

Something like this Boi Ploi Black Spinel Crossover Ring is a lovely choice as it features stylish engravings across the sterling silver band. It has a flowing design teamed with raised dots that go all around the band, which will catch the light in different ways to polished metal.

It also includes beautiful black spinel, which adds a subtle sparkle and works perfectly with the deep shades of AW15. The stones are shown on the crossover sections, which also help to add another dimension to the piece.

If you want something a bit glitzier, choose a piece that uses lots of stones to create texture, such as this Kagem Zambian Emerald Necklace.

This includes numerous emeralds laid out in a beautiful pattern that will highlight your neckline while also adding a lot of texture to your look. The beautiful green shade works perfectly with the yellow gold overlay to create a luxury look that is perfect for both day and night.

If you need more inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect textured jewellery for October, have a look at what pieces we have new in.

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