What TJC loves in July: Melting fashion

The weather has certainly been heating things up a bit over the last few weeks, proving that summer is well underway. 

With temperatures rising, many of you are probably feeling like you're melting on a daily basis. While this is usually a bad thing, when it comes to some of the jewellery we've got available right now, it is the perfect look.

This month we are really loving the items from LucyQ that we have just got in, which make melting in the summer heat cool.

The sterling silver collection uses stylish drop shapes to make it look as though your jewellery is melting while you wear it. This gives a beautiful and modern touch to a classic look that you've probably seen showcased in several different ways.

Pieces like this LucyQ Multi-Drip Necklace are incredibly effective and are ideal for both day and night this season. The sterling silver necklaces features elegant drops of various lengths, which help to elongate your neck.

The use of subtle chains between the drips and the necklace itself helps to add movement to the look, so it will really look as though the silver is melting. While the design is simple, it is incredibly effective and is sure to make a statement.

You could even go simpler with the style with a pair of LucyQ Drip Earrings. These look as though your circular silver stud earrings have started to melt, resulting in perfectly formed drips.

These are ideal for those who want to go for something understated, as they are beautiful without being too over the top. They're also ideal for the warm weather, which can mean it's often too hot for large items of jewellery.

We've got a great selection of similar melting-style jewellery, as well as other designs, in our stunning LucyQ collection. All the pieces are innovative, fun and handcrafted; not to mention a great price!

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