What TJC loves: Unusual rings

One of the biggest trends over the last few months has to be the multi-ring look. This style has seen us all wearing numerous rings across both hands, adding texture, colour and glitz to any outfit.

With such a focus on rings, it's little wonder that a few more interesting designs have burst on the scene. These can be worn as part of the multi-ring trend or on their own, as either way is guaranteed to make a statement.

This is why we at TJC are absolutely loving the emerging trend for more unusual ring styles. But what types of rings can you now get your hands on?

Criss-cross rings

We're all used to seeing standard rings that feature bands that go around your fingers, which is why criss-cross rings are so unusual.

This style has two bands that form a cross, rather than a simple circle, which creates a really effective, modern look.

Our Blue Sapphire Austrian Crystal Criss-Cross Ring in Stainless Steel is the perfect example of how great this style can look.

It saves you having to wear a large embellishment to make a statement and so is ideal for those who prefer a more subtle approach to their jewellery.

Multi-band rings 

If you like the idea of multiple bands coming together to form a statement ring but prefer a more standard shape, we have the perfect choice for you.

This Diamond Ring in Rose Gold Overlay Sterling Silver is a really lovely and effective piece. It has three bands that are spaced apart from each other but that are still joined, creating a beautifully fluid shape.

The diamonds on the centre band add a touch of sparkle without going over the top, creating a piece that is perfect on its own or with other rings.

Shape and stones

For those who want the best of both worlds – shapes and beautiful stones – this trend for unusual rings is ideal for you.

Pieces like this White Crackled Quartz Solitaire Ring in 14K Gold Overlay feature fabulous, fluid shapes throughout the metal while also having a stunning stone in the centre.

The intricate band of the ring adds a lot of movement and contrasts with the structure of the stone to result in a stunning piece that is sure to catch people's eyes.

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